Michael Vick Faces Some Heat, As Implications Put His Conduct Under Question

Daniel DinunzioAnalyst IJune 25, 2010

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 02:  National Football League player Michael Vick visits BET '106 & Park' at BET Studios on February 2, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
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Michael Vick is currently the backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, but nothing is guaranteed in the National Football League. Especially when your name comes up in a confrontation that ended with somebody being shot.

Not to mention that the shooting victim, Quanis Phillips—one of the co-defendants in the trial that put Vick in jail on dogfighting charges—was shot after leaving a party where he and Vick reportedly had some type of heated exchange between one another.

For Vick, this is not what he needs to be happening right now after his first season back in the NFL. The incident supposedly took place at a 30th birthday party for Vick down in the Hampton Roads Virginia area. 

It is believed that Philips showed up to the party, even though Vick is legally supposed to have no contact with any of the fellow co-defendants from his trial. 

Vick's lawyer, Larry Woodward, said in a statement that Vick was not involved or present when the shooting occurred early in the morning.

This is unnecessary press and media attention that, as the summer begins, Vick needs to be focused on football and the Eagles' organization. Of course, a lot of this is merely speculation for Vick, who can't afford to make another mistake out in public.

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Since being released from prison in March 2009 for his involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring, Vick vowed that he has changed and that he was a new person.  There are a lot of people that don't believe him, and who see this incident as just another reason to believe he never deserved to be reinstated into the NFL.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is well known for instrumenting a strict personal conduct policy. If Vick is found to be involved in this incident, it could potentially be the end of the road for him.

For someone with so much talent and ability to perform at a high level, Vick needs to be more aware of where and what he is doing off the field. If he wants to return to having a prominent career in the NFL, his image can't be questioned by those on the outside.

That's the only way Vick will be able to prevail in the end.

New stories and situations of this type will only hurt Vick's image. He can't afford to have these instances after what he has been through the last few years.

If he can't take advantage of the second chance he was given then the only person he has to blame is himself.

That's what it comes down to.