Update 1: Analyzing My Fantasy Football Draft

Matt WagnerCorrespondent IIJune 25, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 16:  Ray Rice #27 of the Baltimore Ravens runs the ball against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Lucas Oli Stadium on January 16, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I know most of you reading this article are going to feel that I am insane after I mention this statement. Yesterday, on June 24, 2010 I had my actual fantasy football draft.

Yes, I know it is extremely early, but I decided to take some risks, like figuring out who will win training camp competitions. The following is my analysis of the draft. (My picks are in bold and I will provide updates as the season moves on.)

Round One

1. Arrowheads Turner—Chris Johnson (Titans RB)

2. Holland PatriotsAdrian Peterson (Vikings RB)

3. Team Yando—Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars RB)

4. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Ray Rice (Ravens RB)

5. Die Harder—Drew Brees (Saints QB)

6. Sugar Water—Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB)

7. Worldtrade NY—Peyton Manning (Colts QB)

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8. Peyton's Posse—Frank Gore (49ers RB)

9. Denver Broncos—Steven Jackson (Rams RB)

10. Tucson Storm—Andre Johnson (Texans WR)

Round Two

11. Tucson Storm—Michael Turner (Falcons RB)

12. Denver Broncos—Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers RB)

13. Peyton's Posse—Randy Moss (Patriots WR)

14. Worldtrade NY—DeAngelo Williams (Panthers RB)

15. Sugar Water—Shonn Greene (New York Jets RB)

16. Die Harder—Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals WR)

17. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Reggie Wayne (Colts WR)

18. Team Yando—Cedric Benson (Bengals RB)

19. Holland Patriots—Ryan Grant (Packers RB)

20. Arrowheads Turner—Brandon Marshall (Dolphins WR)

Round Three

21. Arrowheads Turner—Roddy White (Falcons WR)

22. Holland Patriots—Tom Brady (Patriots QB)

23. Team Yando—Calvin Johnson (Lions WR)

24. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—DeSean Jackson (Eagles WR)

25. Die Harder—Ryan Mathews (Chargers RB)

26. Sugar Water—Miles Austin (Cowboys WR)

27. Worldtrade NY—Knowshon Moreno (Broncos RB)

28. Peyton's Posse—Marques Colston (Saints WR)

29. Denver Broncos—Vincent Jackson (Chargers WR)

30. Tucson Storm—Beanie Wells (Cardinals RB)

Round Four

31. Tucson Storm—Steve Smith (Panthers WR)

32. Denver Broncos—Philip Rivers (Chargers QB)

33. Peyton's Posse—Joseph Addai (Colts RB)

34. Worldtrade NY—Vernon Davis (49ers TE)

35. Sugar Water—Greg Jennings (Packers WR)

36. Die Harder—Jamaal Charles (Chiefs RB)

37. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Matt Schaub (Texans QB)

38. Team Yando—LeSean McCoy (Eagles RB)

39. Holland Patriots—Jonathan Stewart (Panthers RB)

40. Arrowheads Turner—Sidney Rice (Vikings WR)

Round Five

41. Arrowheads Turner—Pierre Thomas (Saints RB)

42. Holland Patriots—Anquan Boldin (Ravens WR)

43. Team Yando—Dallas Clark (Colts TE)

44. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Tony Romo (Cowboys QB)

45. Die Harder—Antonio Gates (Chargers TE)

46. Sugar Water—Ronnie Brown (Dolphins RB)

47. Worldtrade NY—Ricky Williams (Dolphins RB)

48. Peyton's Posse—Chad Ochocinco (Bengals WR)

49. Denver Broncos—Matt Forte (Bears RB)

50. Tucson Storm—Steve Smith (New York Giants WR)

Round Six

51. Tucson Storm—Brent Celek (Eagles TE)

52. Denver Broncos—Hines Ward (Steelers WR)

53. Peyton's Posse—Tony Gonzalez (Falcons TE)

54. Worldtrade NY—Mike Sims-Walker (Jaguars WR)

55. Sugar Water—Brandon Jacobs (New York Giants RB)

56. Die Harder—C.J. Spiller (Bills RB)

57. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Felix Jones (Cowboys RB)

58. Team Yando—Michael Crabtree (49ers WR)

59. Holland Patriots—Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs WR)

60. Arrowheads Turner—Brett Favre (Vikings QB)

Round Seven

61. Arrowheads Turner—Jermichael Finley (Packers TE)

62. Holland Patriots—Donald Driver (Packers WR)

63. Team Yando—Jerome Harrison (Browns RB)

64. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Reggie Bush (Saints RB)

65. Die Harder—Joe Flacco (Ravens QB)

66. Sugar Water—Clinton Portis (Redskins RB)

67. Worldtrade NY—Eagles D/ST (Eagles)

68. Peyton's Posse—Jets D/ST (Jets)

69. Denver Broncos—Marion Barber (Cowboys RB)

70. Tuscon Storm—Thomas Jones (Chiefs RB)

Round Eight

71. Tucson Storm—Jahvid Best (Lions RB)

72. Denver Broncos—Owen Daniels (Texans TE)

73. Peyton's Posse—Justin Forsett (Seahawks RB)

74. Worldtrade NY—Vikings D/ST (Vikings)

75. Sugar Water—Jason Witten (Cowboys TE)

76. Die Harder—Steelers D/ST (Steelers)

77. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Percy Harvin (Vikings WR)

78. Team Yando—Jeremy Maclin (Eagles WR)

79. Holland Patriots—Kellen Winslow (Buccaneers TE)

80. Arrowheads Turner—Hakeem Nicks (NYG WR)

Round Nine

81. Arrowheads Turner—Pierre Garcon (Colts WR)

82. Holland Patriots—Packers D/ST (Packers)

83. Team Yando—Jay Cutler (Bears QB)

84. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings TE)

85. Die Harder—Dez Bryant (Cowboys WR)

86. Sugar Water—Mike Wallace (Steelers WR)

87. Worldtrade NY—Donovan McNabb (Redskins QB)

88. Peyton's Posse—Eli Manning (New York Giants QB)

89. Denver Broncos—Santana Moss  (Redskins WR)

90. Tucson Storm—Darren McFadden (Raiders RB)

Round 10

91. Tucson Storm—T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Seahawks WR)

92. Denver Broncos—Ravens D/ST (Ravens)

93. Peyton's Posse—Wes Welker (Patriots WR)

94. Worldtrade NY—Fred Jackson (Bills RB)

95. Sugar Water—Ben Tate (Texans RB)

96. Die Harder—Robert Meachem (Saints WR)

97. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Donald Brown (Colts RB)

98. Team Yando—Braylon Edwards (New York Jets WR)

99. Holland Patriots—Nate Kaeding (Chargers K)

100. Arrowheads Turner—Steve Breaston (Cardinals WR)

Round 11

101. Arrowheads Turner—Lee Evans (Bills WR)

102. Holland Patriots—Lendale White (Free Agent RB)

103. Team Yando—Santonio Holmes (New York Jets WR)

104. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Zach Miller (Raiders TE)

105. Die Harder—Darren Sproles (Chargers RB)

106. Sugar Water—Devin Aromashodu (Bears WR)

107. Worldtrade NY—LaDainian Tomlinson (New York Jets RB)

108. Peyton's Posse—Kevin Kolb (Eagles QB)

109. Denver Broncos—Johnny Knox (Bears WR)

110. Tucson Storm—Michael Bush (Raiders RB)

Round 12

111. Tucson Storm—Antonio Bryant (Bengals WR)

112. Denver Broncos—Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers QB)

113. Peyton's Posse—Malcom Floyd (Chargers WR)

114. Worldtrade NY—Dustin Keller (New York Jets TE)

115. Sugar Water—Cadillac Williams (Buccaneers RB)

116. Die Harder—Leon Washington (Seahawks RB)

117. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Cowboys D/ST (Cowboys)

118. Team Yando—Tim Hightower (Cardinals RB)

119. Holland Patriots—Chester Taylor (Bears RB)

120. Arrowheads Turner—Kenny Britt (Titans WR)

Round 13

121. Arrowheads Turner—Chris Cooley (Redskins TE)

122. Holland Patriots—Montario Hardesty (Browns RB)

123. Team Yando—Jerricho Cotchery (New York Jets WR)

124. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—49ers D/ST (49ers)

125. Die Harder—Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots K)

126. Sugar Water—Ahmad Bradshaw (New York Giants RB)

127. Worldtrade NY—Ryan Longwell (Vikings K)

128. Peyton's Posse—Carson Palmer (Bengals QB)

129. Denver Broncos—Greg Olsen (Bears TE) 

130. Tucson Storm—Matt Ryan (Falcons QB)

Round 14

131. Tucson Storm—Chaz Schilens (Raiders WR)

132. Denver Broncos—David Akers (Eagles K)

133. Peyton's Posse—Nick Folk (New York Jets K)

134. Worldtrade NY—Correll Buckhalter (Broncos RB)

135. Sugar Water—Bengals D/ST (Bengals)

136. Die Harder—John Carlson (Seahawks TE)

137. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Chad Henne (Dolphins QB)

138. Team Yando—Laurence Maroney (Patriots RB)

139. Holland Patriots—Early Doucet (Cardinals WR)

140. Arrowheads Turner—Willis McGahee (Ravens RB)

Round 15

141. Arrowheads Turner—Saints D/ST (Saints)

142. Holland Patriots—Derrick Mason (Ravens WR)

143. Team Yando—Rob Bironas (Titans K)

144. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Mason Crosby (Packers K)

145. Die Harder—Golden Tate (Seahawks WR)

146. Sugar Water—Broncos D/ST (Broncos)

147. Worldtrade NY—Torry Holt (Patriots WR)

148. Peyton's Posse—Mario Manningham (New York Giants WR)

149. Denver Broncos—Matt Prater (Broncos K)

150. Tucson Storm—Garrett Hartley (Saints K)

Round 16

151. Tuscon Storm—Giants D/ST (Giants)

152. Denver Broncos—Patriots D/ST (Patriots)

153. Peyton's Posse—Steve Slaton (Texans RB)

154. Worldtrade NY—Devery Henderson (Saints WR)

155. Sugar Water—Lawrence Tynes (New York Giants K)

156. Die Harder—Texans D/ST (Texans)

157. Dallas Cowboys Diehard—Arian Foster (Texans RB)

158. Team Yando—Browns D/ST (Browns)

159. Holland Patriots—Vince Young (Titans QB)

160. Arrowheads Turner—Jay Feely (Cardinals K)


This was a draft that was filled with elite WR's along with a plethora of sleepers. I am extremely high on Zach Miller because of the change at the Raiders quarterback position from Jamarcus Russell to Jason Campbell.

As a result of this move, look for Miller to get at least seven touchdowns this season. If you need a solid backup tight end look to grab Miller towards the middle of your draft.

One pick that surprised me was Chad Ochocinco going in Round Five at 48th overall. Ochocinco is beginning to go downhill as he has become the poster child for inconsistent fantasy performance.

In Weeks 9-12 the most fantasy points he gained came in Week 11 against Oakland when he earned six. In Week 15 he earned 15 points, but then he dropped to nine in Week 16 and zero in Week 17 to finish off the season.

That is not somebody you should draft to fill your leading WR role. 

My Projected Depth Chart

QB: Tony Romo

RB: Ray Rice

RB: Felix Jones

RB/WR (Flex): Percy Harvin

WR: Reggie Wayne

WR: DeSean Jackson

TE: Visanthe Shiancoe

D/ST: Cowboys D/ST

K: Mason Crosby

Bench Players: Matt Schaub, Reggie Bush, Donald Brown, Zach Miller, 49ers D/ST, Chad Henne, Arian Foster