US Open Golf 2010 Final Round Live Blog: Leaderboard, Scores and Results

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IJune 20, 2010

PEBBLE BEACH, CA - JUNE 20:  Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland watches his tee shot on the 11th hole during the final round of the 110th U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links on June 20, 2010 in Pebble Beach, California.  (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

9:15 EST And there he is, Graeme McDowell your 2010 US Open winner. Fabolous week at Pebble Beach.

9:10 EST Is a European finally going to get another US Open win?

9:06 EST Gregory Havret, the unknown, shoots 72, finishes plus one for the tourny.

9:05 EST After that miss, the tournament is McDowell's to win. He's played superb golf, but I've never seen a leader get this much help before.

9:04 EST Tiger Woods in with 75. Finished plus three for the championship.

9:01 EST Havret has a real chance after that bunker shot. Could finish even.

9:00 EST Surprised that McDowell has a driver out here?

8:58 EST McDowell bogeys. Back to even. Havret in bunker. Tiger short. Lots of opportunities still out there.

8:56 EST No birdies for Ernie or Phil. Shocked by that. Clubhouse leaders at minus two. McDowell biggest putt of his life upcoming.

8:53 EST Can Phil or Ernie make their birdies on 18? Tiger in the right rough on Pebble's most famous hole, while Havret calmly hits his driver down the right side into the fairway. Plus two may be the lead score in the clubhouse shortly.

8:49 EST Woah boy...Phil and Els in the bunker on 18. Havret short on 17, makes bogey.

8:42 EST Is your heart pounding? Mine is. Tiger hits a good shot on 17 but the green is not receptive enough. Fan favorite Gregory Havret, who's even, is in the front right bunker.

8:40 EST Bogey for Els at 17, a whole that owned him all week. McDowell long birdie chance at 16. Not very many people could make the par Phil just tapped in for.

8:37 EST Super par save for Tiger, needs a Woods-like finish to even have a shot at making a playoff.

8:34 EST Havret just missed, and I mean just missed his birdie chance for a tie of the lead. Meanwhile, Mickelson is way right on 17. I have absolutely no idea who's winning this thing.

8:32 EST On to 17 for Ernie and Phil. Ernie leads off with a hook into the bunker. Talk about an intimidating hole.

8:29 EST Tiger short just like Phil on 16. The only real US Open-esque rough on the course. Up and down from there is no easy task. Havret safely on but about 40 feet left for bird.

8:24 EST Happy Father's Day is right. Thank you USGA. Els blazes the edge on his birdie opp.

8:21 EST Phil Mickelson buries in the rough right on 16. Havret great par save. What are your thoughts about watching a course like Pebble making these pro's look like us? I love it.

8:20 EST DLIII's ball on 17 is swimming. Tiger misses on 15. Taps in for par.

8:19 EST McDowell drops a shot at 14. Minus one now leads.

8:17 EST Last break of the day, I promise. McDowell was one or two revolutions away from total disaster.

8:01 EST Bogey for Els and Mickelson. The drama and pressure increases. McDowell is getting tons of help.

8:00 EST Phil just an inch away from possibly making an 8. He and Els both putting for par on 14. McDowell another close birdie chance.

7:56 EST Wow. Phil and Ernie's balls both travel back off the green on 14. Tom Watson didn't finish in style, but you've gotta salute the man.

7:54 EST Every golfer in the field today wishes they have Tom Watson's game when they're 60-years young. Watson fighting the tears. Compelling stuff.

7:49 EST Haven't mentioned Phil Mickelson is quite some time. He's got a birdie and bogey on his round at this juncture and is quietly alone in fourth.

7:47 EST Leaderboard update. Graeme McDowell is in the bunker on 12 and is minus two for the championship. Ernie Els is on 14 in the rough and is even overall. Frenchman Gregory Havret is playing with Tiger on 13 and is tied with Els at even.

7:44 EST Ernie Els, in second, is through the fairway on the evil par five 14th.

7:40 EST Gotta really for Dustin Johnson. Was the leader and favorite going into the final round. Unraveled.

7:38 EST Tiger. Five bogeys? Never saw that coming. The rest of the field is helping him out but isn't capitalizing.

7:35 EST Those of you frustrated with Phil Mickelson's inability to make birdies - pars are very tough to come by at this point. Tiger with another tester upcoming. Ernie Els makes par, still sits at even for the championship.

7:33 EST Davis Love III and Brandt Snedeker have the low rounds of the day thus far, both are two under.

7:30 EST Boge for McDowell. Second of the day. Now the lead is minus two.

7:28 EST Tiger's birdie putt on 11 misses low. McDowell unsurprisingly hits it to the fringe. Par looks unlikely.

7:27 EST Have fun with this chip, Graeme.

7:22 EST Super par save for Mr. Mickelson at 12. Dustin Johnson is slid all the way to plus seven on the day. Ernie Els to even for the tournament, in sole second.

7:18 EST It appears like Ernie Els will make the first birdie we've seen in some time on number 12.

7:15 EST McDowell records his first bogey. Tiger makes his fourth. McDowell now leads at three under.

7:13 EST Tiger does the best he can after his ball was in the side of the cliff, has a decent chance for par. Ernie Els bogeys and McDowell can't keep it close from the sand.

7:09 EST Non-Tiger-esque shot on 10. Off the cliff on his short approach. Same spot as Ernie Els. McDowell a little short on nine.

7:08 EST I forgot that I'm a jinx. DLIII misses a short par attempt, and moves to plus two for the championship.

7:07 EST DLIII is three under today. On fire. Great ball strikers always have a chance in the US Open.

7:01 EST I know McDowell is four under, but I really believe my earlier prediction of even par winning the championship will hold up. Another slippery par save for McDowell. Looks like Goosen in 2004.

7:00 EST Ahhhh. Mickelson bogeys 10. Woods leaves his birdie effort just short on nine. Gregory Havret the most steady player of the afternoon. McDowell sits at minus four and Havret is mins one.

6:59 EST Phil just misses his birdie chance, and has a tester for par. Ernie Els pulls a me, and doubles number 10.

6:54 EST Back from my food break, and Ernie Els is making a mess of the par four 10th. May have just hit a second shot off the cliff. Birdie for DLIII.

6:33 EST Dustin Johnson into the rough on six. Immediately after, the seemingly unflappable McDowell is buried on the rough to the left of the green. Interesting chips upcoming.

6:28 EST Loads of confidence with that hybird. McDowell pipes his drive on six. A few seconds later, Tiger records first birdie at seven. Phil taps in for par.

6:27 EST New leader. McDowell at minus four.

6:23 EST Tiger has three bogeys today. Davis Love III is now ahead of the World's Numero Uno at plus one. I think even par may win the tournament.

6:20 EST Hip, hip, Havret!!! Birdie on the sixth, one shot back of the lead at minus two.

6:19 EST McDowell looks unnerved out there. Another chance at birdie on five. Johnson misses the green right. Ernie Els from about 220, lands it just short, will need to get up and down for par.

6:17 EST Dustin Johnson another bogey. Catastrophic blowup thus far. Tiger finds his ball was in the hazard and will chip for birdie from the left rough just short of the green.

6:14 EST Tiger Woods just hit it off the cliff. Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson blows it past for birdie. A pull there?

6:07 EST I can't really put into words what's going on with Dustin Johnson. Hits into hazard on four. Unreal.

6:06 EST Ernie Els birdie on six, tied a top with McDowell. Epitomizes consistency. Phil and Tiger par

6:03 EST Dustin Johnson is on the verge of Jason Gore-esque collapse today. (Gore shot 84 from the final group of the US Open in 2005 at Pinehurst.) Doubled three. McDowell in sole possesion of the lead at three under.

6:01 EST I really like Ernie Els today. Has a 10 footer for eagle on the scenic par five sixth hole.

6:00 EST Check that, Johnson can't take his ball because he found it after the five minute allotment of time you get on your search. Good shot for Johnson, but is rolling his ball for bogey on three.

5:59 EST Tiger with a bogey on four, slips down to plus one for the championship. Wow. Dustin Johnson just found his first ball.

5:56 EST The wheels on Dustin Johnson's bus are coming off, coming off. After he couldn't find his ball he pushes his third shot from the tee into the bunker.

5:51 EST DLIII sighting. The Monday qualifer makes eagle on six, moves to plus one overall.

5:50 EST Quick update. Graeme McDowell and Dustin Johnson are currently at minus three, Ernie Els is in third at minus two and Gregory Havret is minus one. Phil and Tiger are both even for the championship.

5:46 EST Master's Sunday is awesome, but I'll take US Open Sunday anyday. So much pressure, really finds the best player on the globe. Dustin Johnson is realllllly struggling. Where is his ball? Graeme McDowell a little short on three, but has a long chance at bird.

5:43 EST Don't forget about Davis Love III, who shot a 66 yesterday has an eagle on six to get to one over par. Mickelson uncharacteristically three putts for par on four. Action, action, action. Incredible par save by Mr. Woods himself.

5:40 EST Tiger leaves himself a tester on three for par. Philly slides an eagle past. Dustin Johnson a nice old, Chris Trapasso triple bogey.

5:37 EST Lots going on right now. Tiger in trouble on three. Deep rough. Grunts on his second. Phil drives the green on four, putting for eagle. Dustin Johnson just shanked a flop shot.

5:32 EST Who do ya'll got? Phil? Tiger? McDowell? Johnson? Els? Lots of big names ready to win this thing.

5:28 EST Dustin Johnson hits an intimidatingly-long drive on two, right down the pipe. Meanwhile Phil blows a birdie opportunity after a great recovery shot on three.

5:22 EST Martin Kaymer, who apparently is the 12th ranked golfer on the Planet, chips in for birdie and is plus one for the tournament. Who woulda thunk that?

5:20 EST Graeme McDowell is safely on the green on the first hole, and Dustin Johnson, who played from the right rough has 20 feet left for bird. No hiccups yet. Phil hits into the bunker on three tough looking second upcoming.

5:18 EST Martin Kaymer and Ernie Els both birdie. Getting crowded at the top.

5:15 EST The quick swinging Graeme McDowell stripes a hybird down the middle on one and the leader, Dustin Johnson sprays an iron right. Good lie in the rough.

5:11 EST Phil Mickelson rocketed his ball some 30 yards past Ernie Els. Must be nice to have a sandwedge into a 502 yard par four. Two legit birdie opps upcoming.

5:10 EST Wonderous shot from Gregory Havret on one, Tiger Woods 20 feet left for bird.

5:08 EST FYI. 60-year-old Tom Watson has it minus one today is five over for the championship. This guy never lets up.

5:05 EST Gregory Havret and Tiger Woods have hit their tee shots on one. Havret down the middle, Tiger in the intermediate cut. Phil Mickelson destroys his drive on two. Total bomb.

5:03 EST Here. We. Go. Mickelson and Els are off and Phil just cashed a birdie on one to move to even par. Huge momentum swing.

4:58 EST What up B/R and US Open fans? How pumped are you for this final round? I'm more than ready to watch the drama unfold, with a slew of story lines. Big names like Woods and Mickelson primed to make a roaring comeback, while lesser known names like Graeme McDowell and Dustin Johnson are ready to make history at Pebble.


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