Seattle Seahawks Beware: New Head Coach Pete Carroll Reeks of Scandal

Ben GoldsteinContributor IIIJune 16, 2010

RENTON, WA - JANUARY 12:  Pete Carroll answers questions at a press conference announcing his hiring as the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks on January 12, 2010 at the Seahawks training facility in Renton, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Pete Carroll is now the Seattle Seahawks head coach and that just doesn't sit well with me after all this USC garbage.

I can't believe he didn't know anything about the scandal at USC. Carroll, who recruited Reggie Bush, a star running back who didn't know he was getting a 300,000 dollar loan for a house in Malibu or a new Cadillac, must have known something.

I call BS.

So why did the coach bolt for the Seahawks after calling USC his dream job?

Because he most likely knew the sanctions were coming.

That's why I am scared of Pete Carroll coaching the Seahawks. He seems like a liar, cheater, and someone who could leave the 'Hawks at the worst time.

Not to mention he never had much success in the NFL.

Carroll should have stayed at USC and taken the sanctions. Now Lane Kiffin and the USC program have to deal with the penalties, even though Carroll probably had a lot to do with the transgressions.

What's scary is that Bush probably wasn't the only player who received money, or other items, from the USC program. I can't believe Matt Leinhart, Mike Williams, or any other star player didn't get anything.

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And I know Carroll wasn't the only person aware of this scandal. He is one of the main characters to finger, and the thing that really gives him away is how he left the program only months before the sanctions were imposed.

Carroll is a well connected man who knows what is going on around college football (and especially within his own program). Once he heard about the near future, he decided to leave.

So I am scared for the 'Hawks this season because we have Pete Carroll, the liar and the cheater, as our head coach.

But please prove me wrong.

These fans deserve it, and maybe USC fans can forgive Carroll too.


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