English Premier League: Arsenal's New Away Kit Divides Opinion Among Fans

Stephen BradleyContributor IJune 15, 2010

Evening all. As you can imagine, there's been a lot of comment flying around the Arsenal community concerning the new kit.

If you've not seen it until now, then behold its magnificence HERE.

Assuming you have seen it though, you'll probably be asking yourself one of two things. Either a) Where do I go to buy one? Or b) What the bloody hell are we doing dressing up like Bradford City?

And I'm pretty sure that after reading that last sentence, most of you will have figured out where I stand on it.

Now I know that I'm going to upset a few people when I say this, but here it goes. I don't like Arsenal wearing yellow. There. I said it. I'm sorry.

And before I get a dozen comments saying that Arsenal must always wear yellow because those are OUR colours, let me explain where I'm coming from on this.

First of all, I'm fully aware of WHY Arsenal fans love to see us wear yellow—Charlie George, 1971, F.A Cup etc. But I'm 27. The first yellow jersey I remember Arsenal wearing was this... 

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I think you'll all agree that this wasn't a classic look for us. Apparently this was a big hit on the rave scene for people that wanted to get high without having to take drugs to do it.

One look at that shirt would give anyone hallucinations for a week. So as a young-ish boy, not being able to buy his own Arsenal shirt, I had to wait until Xmas '95 until I got my grubby little mitts on my first ever Arsenal shirt. And it was beautiful...

I loved that shirt. Still have it in fact. And it almost fits me too. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed however, that it's not yellow. It is in fact teal and navy. Or blue, to give it its name that Nike never uses to describe colours for some stupid reason.

I have every blue Arsenal jersey that has been launched since I was born, except for one which we wore in Lens in '98 and costs about £1000 to buy.

I have one yellow jersey, from two years ago, which I got for a present. I have no logical reason to give to why I don't like seeing Arsenal in yellow, but to me, it just doesn't look right.

I know that most of our greatest victories have been achieved while wearing yellow ('71, Anfield '89 etc).

But in the same way many fans were brought up on Arsenal wearing yellow, when I was the only lad in my school supporting Arsenal in '95, when we were finishing 13th in the league and losing at home to Q.P. Bloody. R. in the league cup, we wore Blue.

And I wore Blue as well. And we were terrible. But it didn't matter, because I loved The Arsenal no matter what.

And every time I see Arsenal play in Blue, it reminds me of just how lucky we are to be able to watch the calibre of football that we do, under our best ever manager and in our world-class stadium, week in and week out.

And how awful it was when we had Stewart Houston as manager...(sighs) 

And one last thing. If you expect Nike and Arsenal to go back to just making yellow and blue jerseys for the foreseeable future, then I have bad news.

HERE is a gallery of all the different jerseys Arsenal have had as their "Away" kit, since 1895. As you can see, they've got plenty of material to work with before they stop this retro crap. I'm very looking forward to Nike's version of the '53 kit. So will Newcastle fans!

Till next time, readers.