Reggie Bush: Biggest Bust in NFL History?

Dyson Kincaid@@Kincaid_ProdigyCorrespondent INovember 26, 2007

IconAs of right now, Reggie Bush is well on his way to being the biggest over hyped flop ever in professional football.

I use the words "as of right now" because running backs normally come into their own in the second or third season.
But right now… Reggie Bush is a colossal bust.
After watching Reggie Bush yesterday with his 9 attempts for 32 yards, I came to realize how much of a disappointment he is.
Now some might say that he was hurt yesterday, and couldn’t perform up to his ability. In response to that, he played better yesterday than he had the previous two games when he was “healthy”.
The comparisons to Gale Sayers and Marshall Faulk were overwhelming; I honestly thought the media was going to induct Reggie into the Hall of Fame before he got drafted.
Even though the Saints won yesterday, wouldn’t things be a lot easier if someone actually played up their potential?
Let me say this, when Reggie Bush entered the NFL, he was expected to be a future 1000 yard rusher, and a possible 1000 yard receiver. What seemed possible before he was drafted is now almost laughable. Reggie is having a hard time getting 100 yards total offense and has had one 100 yard rushing game since being drafted and none this season.  His longest run for his career is 22 yards.
A lot of that has to do with Reggie refusal, and yes I said refusal to follow his block and use his eyes instead of hightailing it to the sidelines. It’s almost as if he is running scared. NFL defenses are built on speed, going horizontal then cutting up sidelines will not work anymore.

Many would think that without Deuce this year, that Reggie’s numbers would have gotten better…They haven’t…With Deuce having over 1000 yards and getting most of the carries, we all thought that it maybe Reggie’s year to shine. At this rate Reggie will have a hard time getting 700 yards rushing, and that’s pushing it.

A lot of people have argued that Reggie is not that type of running back who can give you 20 carries, that he is more of a third down running back. I have argued back saying that if I’m the Saints I’ve guaranteed a man 26 million dollars to be nothing more than a glorified Kevin Faulk?  And that’s no offense to Kevin Faulk, who is a great third down back, but I don’t believe that a third down back is what Reggie was drafted to be.
The Saints have only profited from Reggie economically. He sells jerseys, he does endorsements, and he has brought in fans old and new to New Orleans. People come from all around to watch him do nothing.
Reggie Bush is not even the best, second best, or even third best running back in his 2006 draft. Can we seriously put Reggie in front of a Laurence Maroney, Joseph Addai, or Maurice Jones-Drew?  I don’t think so.

But then again maybe I’m being a little harsh on Reggie, after all it’s only his second year. But when it comes to running backs, it’s the second and third year where the quote “what you see is what you get” begins to surface.


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