Does Kevin Harvick Already Have a Sponsor Signed for 2011?

Horn FanSenior Writer IJune 10, 2010

It sure looks that way from the rumors that I've read and seen swirling around on my home away from when I'm not on Bleacher Report.

In fact, he quite possibly could have when he re-signed with Richard Childress Racing, and they did say that five potential sponsors were interested in putting their brand on the No. 29.

One has since dropped out, leaving four sponsors in the mix, and one of these could be a newbie or have been a Roush-Fenway sponsor part-time.

Just like when Pennzoil-Shell was signed in 2007 to replace GM Goodwrench and RCR kept a tight lid on the signing.

So here's a sneak peek at just who might be on the No. 29 in 2011, but be aware that one is nameless and another due to what the sponsor would have to do to get on the No. 29 also is nameless (I did leave a hint with this one).

1. It's no surprise that the No. 1 choice with Kevin Harvick fans is Budweiser. Even DW hinted that it was a done deal back when Kasey Kahne signed with Hendrick. 

Of course you can find a RCR Budweiser No. 29 Photoshop picture, and I had it up as my profile picture.

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Till my beloved Hawks won the Stanley Cup Championship last night, their first in 50 years, and saluting them for a job well done.

But there is a problem with Bud: They don't allow their drivers to run any other series than Cup, and Childress already said that there would be no sponsor swap this time.

Now I just can't ignore the fact that under InBev ownership, they didn't renew with Kenny Bernstein in the NHRA, and they have not been renewing contracts that Anheuser-Busch had globally as they expire.

So why stay in NASCAR but not the NHRA? Guess we'll have to wait and see what they do.

2. Proctor and Gamble has been rumored to have been interested. They have been a Kevin Harvick Inc. sponsor in the Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series.

It looks like this would be a full-time sponsorship that would feature all their products and would include Old Spice.

I'm not surprised that P&G would want to continue in NASCAR. I didn't think they were just leaving when they announced that Old Spice would be leaving Stewart-Haas Racing.

Plus KHI gives them an option to sponsor in all three series, and it would be cool to see them sponsor Ron Hornaday with their Bounty brand. Love that paint scheme.

3. This one I won't name, but it should be easy to figure out by the hint at the end.

For this sponsor to be on the No. 29, they would have to use a performance clause in their contract, and currently the driver with this sponsorship has been a disappointment.

Now if he suddenly starts racing well, then this rumor is true. The hint is they were interested in RCR in the past.

Of the four potential sponsors, they are a perfect match of driver, sponsor, and team.

4. This one is nameless. It's believed to be a newbie sponsor or getting into a full-time role for the first time in NASCAR, and the team has kept it very quiet.

If it ends up being this one, it's going to be a huge deal, and if it's who I think it is—man oh man, even the Harvick haters will be supporting him.

Unfortunately, it may be Daytona or Indy in July before we could see an official announcement made as to just who the new sponsor will be on the No. 29.

This article is based solely on rumors that I've read and speculation, and nothing in this piece comes from inside information. It's amazing what you can stumble on buried on the web.

Photo Credit: zimbio.com  

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