Leroy Hill, Seattle Seahawks LB, Should Not Be Released or Traded

Bubba GillContributor IJune 9, 2010

So there have been many rumors floating around the Internet for the past few months about the release of Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill. Hill was just getting over a marijuana charge when he was charged with domestic abuse.

Should the Seahawks keep Hill? Everyone knows how valuable he is when he's geared up on Sundays, but the character question comes into play here. How many games is he going to miss from the marijuana charge? N.Y. Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis received a one-game suspension, which is a typical first time suspension for marijuana use.

So we can say goodbye to him for Week One against the S.F. 49ers.

Now to the domestic abuse charge. Issaquah police found marks on Hill's girlfriend and charged him with domestic abuse, which is the same charge as a fourth degree assault. It is classified as a misdemeanor.

Many people have said they cannot respect a "wife beater."

Well, here is a list of professional athletes who have been charged with the same crime: HOF Jim Brown, QB Warren Moon, RB Chris Warren, DB Deion Sanders, DT Warren Sapp, Coach Tom Cable, MLB Dwight Gooden, MLB Kirby Puckett, and UFC Tito Ortiz, just to name a few.

Do you respect any of these professional athletes?

I'm not saying it is alright to go out and hit a woman by any means. I'm just pointing out that these players are also human and can get caught up in the moment just like you or me. I say let the law do its job and we as fans do ours.

You might not agree with Hill hitting a woman, but that means he has made a mistake. Rather than cast him aside, we should stand behind him and offer our support.

Leroy Hill as we all know is no saint. We have already lost him for one game, I just hope we don't lose him for the rest of his career. If we lose Hill, then the obvious suitor would be David Hawthorne.

Hawthorne isn't the answer. I really don't think Hawthorne is as good of a player as Hill. Yes, I can already hear the comments, "Hawthorne had 114 tackles." Correct, but how many of those tackles came after the opposing RB had already gained five yards or more?

Hill is the LB opposing coaches don't like to run plays at simply because he can diagnose a play much faster than Hawthorne.

Leroy Hill isn't a stat guy. Leroy Hill is a take out the lead blocker guy so another player can get a tackle for loss type player. He sacrifices himself for the greater good of the team and is an excellent team player.

Carroll hasn't released him yet. Is he shopping him? Is Carroll taking a good hard look to see if someone on the team could be a decent filler till next season?

We already know Carroll doesn't want Hill in his mini-camps. Carroll has stated, "We just think we don't need the distraction right now. He needs to focus on getting his business taken care of and then we'll see where it goes."

Let's just hope Hill is in a Seahawks uniform come September.


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