Super Conferences Would Make a College Football Playoff Inevitable

John SmithContributor IJune 7, 2010

With talks of conference expansion running wild throughout the college football landscape, it seems inevitable that if not this year, some time in the near future we will witness the formation of "super conferences."

While some may not like the idea, it could very well lead to more waves of change throughout college football, namely a much needed playoff system.

Think about it. 

What would it be like if six Big 12 teams join the Pac-10, Missouri and Nebraska jet for the Big East, the Mountain West takes over the remaining Big 12 teams, the SEC expands, G20 adds five nations, and global warming leads to a flooding over of Australia?

Chaos i t would be pure chaos. 

No, not just the Australia part.  Any true Big 12 football fan could care less about Australia.

Texas loses to Oklahoma and USC, Oklahoma loses to USC and Oregon, USC loses to Oklahoma State and A&M.  This probably a fairly contained example of said chaos.

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All the big programs would be dropping like flies.

The formation of super conferences could very well lead to Boise State waltzing into the National Championship every year.

The Solution to this problem? 

You guessed it—a playoff.

Have a 32-team playoff spanning over the course of five weeks.  One round each week.

This would allow Texas, USC, Oklahoma, and whoever else the realignment may end up affecting to overcome a couple of regular season losses and fight their way into championship contention.

It also gives the small conference schools that slip through the cracks a shot at proving themselves for real.

As for the teams that don't qualify for the playoff?  Let them go ahead and play their meaningless little bowl games.  The NCAA would get all that revenue plus a ridiculous profit from the playoff games.

College Football can't ignore it anymore.  If the conferences do realign, the competition committee must choose between mass chaos or a playoff.

Which one would you choose?

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