FYI WIRZ: NASCAR Drivers Pocono Top Three Before and After

Dwight Drum@@racetakeCorrespondent IIIJune 7, 2010

NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing scored a one-two punch at the difficult Pocono track. The top three drivers—Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, and Tony Stewart—shared their words before the green flag and then after the checkered flag.

Hamlin talked about strengths. Busch talked about team. Stewart talked about work.

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Denny Hamlin
[No. 11 Toyota]

“It drives a lot like a road course corner,” Hamlin said. “And the other corner is like a short track—it’s very flat and very wide and it comes out sweeping to the long straightaway. It’s a lot like a mixture of different race tracks, a track that rewards a guy who is very smooth on corner entry and I think that plays into my strengths.”

“We knew right from the get-go that first run when we took the lead early we had a good car,” Hamlin said. “I felt like the track stayed pretty consistent. Our car stayed pretty consistent. We just conserved for most of the day.

"I wrote it on the dash because I knew I was going to have to use it all at the end. Races don't come easy when you run first or third and you get the win at the end. There's always a wrench that kind of gets thrown in there and messes up your whole plan.

“I like winning them better this way. It's not just walking away; you really got to earn it.”

Kyle Busch
[No. 18 Toyota]

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“Hopefully, we can get some good runs and keep up our momentum going, similar to what we’ve done so far this year on the NASCAR circuit,” Busch said. “It definitely has its own unique challenges.”

“It's great for JGR. That's what teammates are all about, is to help one another, to see one get to Victory Lane. You know, it's cool to have us all running like that where we can do it and have a shot to win every week. Yeah, it's bittersweet we didn't get a Victory Lane.”

Tony Stewart
[No. 14 Chevy]

Tony commented about a previous Pocono win:

“We don’t keep rankings,” Stewart said. “We keep trophies. They’re on a shelf and you scoot one over and slide the next one to it. You love having the opportunity to do that. It’s not about rankings. It’s just about enjoying the moment.”

“Not a very stellar day by any means,” Stewart said. “Ended up with a top three. You know, obviously happy about that. But would have liked to have been running in the top-three all day and end up that way. I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still a long ways away. We still got a lot of work to do.”

Photo credit: Dwight Drum @ Racetake.com

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