Michael Jordan's Top 10 Best and Worst NBA Finals Appearances

Isaiah MontoyaCorrespondent IJune 5, 2010

18 Jun 1993: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (right) goes up for two during Game Five of the NBA finals against the Phoenix Suns at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Suns won the game, 108-98.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

These are worst and best Finals games for greatest player ever!!! Kobe, don't forget who your master is. The man you attempt to emulate with every tongue wag and wannabe great shooting nights is un-emulatable and certainly unsurpassable. All hail the greatest player ever, who won 6 rings in six tries and retired twice in between and after. No one will ever be perfect in the Finals, oh wait Jordan was!!! 

No. 10  Jordan worst - Game 3 1998 Finals - Jordan only had 24 points on a night where he took only 14 shots of which he made 7. He made 10 of 11 from the line against Utah and the Bulls won anyway. Jordan added only 3 rebs, 2 assists, 1 stl and 1 blk.

No. 9 Jordan worst - In the 1996 closer against Seattle (game 6), Jordan won on Father’s Day, and capped off a comeback like no other finishing off a 72-10 season. But in that last game he didn’t put up impressive individual stats…well he did, but just not compared to himself. He was rather Kobeish in this one. Jordan had a career Finals low 22 points on 5 of 19 shooting. He did make 11 of 12 from the line and added seven boards but he did have five turnovers. His stats weren’t his best, but it was his most satisfying title win that night!

No. 8 Jordan worst – The Seattle series in 1996 was the only time Jordan had great teammates. In game one he had a sub-par Jordan game but the team still won. MJ scored 28 points on 9 of 18 shooting. He also made 9 of 10 from the line and added 7 rebs 2 asts 2 stls and 1 blk. He did have 4 fouls, but this is Jordan’s eighth WORST finals game, that’s how good he was.

No. 7 Jordan worst – When the Bulls lost to Portland in game four of the 1992 Finals he was kind of off, but his teammates were to blame on a higher level. Jordan contributed with 32 points, but only made 11 of 26 shots from the field. He was a perfect 8 for 8 from the line but only hit 2 of 6 three’s. He did have six assists and five boards in the game but it wasn’t enough – after all he didn’t have Shaq or Gasol to make him look better.

No. 6 Jordan worst – At age 35 Jordan was the oldest NBA MVP and scoring champion ever. The first finals game in 1998 kind of showed his age and the Jazz won. Jordan did have an outstanding 33 points but he shot badly (for MJ not for Kobe) with a 13/29 shooting night and 6/8 free throws. He had two blocks but no steals and only two assists with three boards in the loss.

No. 5 Jordan worst – Game 3 1992 Finals vs. Portland wasn’t Jordan’s greatest personal performance ever, but he still willed his team to the win in the end. His point total was 26, on 11 of 22 shooting. He missed all four three pointers he took but he did have 3 steals 4 assists and 5 rebounds. In the press conference, as if apologizing for only scoring 26 in the win Jordan said, “It was a win, and that’s all that matters.”

No. 4 Jordan worst – Any loss in the Finals for Jordan was a bad game to him. In game five in 1998 vs. Utah, Jordan ‘only’ had 28 points in 45 minutes of play and the team lost. He shot an abysmal 9 of 26 from the field and the Bulls just looked lost. Jordan came up with 10 of 11 free throws but added only 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals.

No. 3 Jordan worst – Jordan did shoot 50% on the night and he held up his end of the bargain but the Bulls did lose against Seattle in game 5 of 1996. He had a personal low one assist in the game but he did score 26 points. Was he being selfish or did his teammates suck that bad? I’d go with his teammates sucked that bad, not like Shaq or Gasol. This was Longley and Wennington. After all Jordan did go 11/22 on the night in his third worst ever Finals game.

No. 2 Jordan worst – In game four vs Utah in 1997, the 34 year-old Jordan, tied a personal career finals low with only 22 points. He was 11/27 from the field, and the Bulls lost their second in a row against the Jazz.

No. 1 Jordan worst – After winning the first three in a row of the 1996 Finals the Bulls came out sluggish in game four leading to the first of two straight losses. Jordan looked a grizzled 33 years old in his worst ever finals game. He only shot 6 of 19 from the field and he made 11 of 13 free throws but he did miss both his three attempts. He only had three rebounds and two assists with one steal. His four turnovers and three fouls with 23 points in a loss, made this the worst Jordan ever played in the finals, which ain’t really that bad compared to… you know who! Ha ha ha


No. 10 Jordan best – In game four of the 1991 Finals, Magic thought he’d lead his Lakers back to bring the series to 2-2, but instead Jordan outshot, out-defended and outpassed Magic on his way to a 3-1 series lead and 28 points, 13 assists, 5 rebounds and two blocks. Jordan averaged over 11 assists per game in the 1991 Finals, plus over 30 points!

No. 9 Jordan best – The closing game of the series against Utah in 1997 was an awesome one for MJ. Not only did he win his fifth ring, in five tries, but he personally made sure it happened with 39 points in 44 minutes. The guard grabbed 11 boards and dished off for 4 assists but the Finals win was the best part.

No. 8 Jordan best – game 5 vs Phoenix in 1993 was another sweet game for MJ as he scored 41 points in 44 minutes on 16 of 29 shooting from the field and 7 rebounds and seven assists with two blocks. The thing is, Charles and KJ were on an awesome team and the Bulls lost that one. Man, that team was good.

No. 7 Jordan best – In his last Finals appearance ever, the 35 year old mastermind, stole the ball from Malone and then took the ball down, watched the clock and pushed Russell out of the way and made his last shot, and won his sixth ring in six tries. Who scores 45 points in their last ever Finals game? Jordan, baby, that’s who. He made 15 field goals, 12 free throws and 3 three pointers in the game and added 7 rebounds.

No. 6 Jordan best – Jordan scored 55 points in this one! A double nickel he laid on the Phoenix Suns and Barkley in 1993. He scored 55 points in 46 minutes on 21 of 37 shooting! He also hit 13 free throws and had 8 rebounds and 4 assists. You know a player is the greatest ever when they score 55 and it is only their 6th greatest Finals game ever. Kobe scored two points in his 10th WORST game in the finals ever. MJ never had under 22 points even once in 35 Finals games.

No. 5 Jordan best – In game one of the 1997 Finals Jordan hit an amazing buzzer beater for the win, but in game two he actually had an overall better game with 38 points 13 rebounds and 9 assists with 2 steals. The near triple double for Jordan propelled a lagging Chicago team to a 2-0 series lead.

No. 4 Jordan best – In his first ever Finals appearance Michael Jordan was the main man any way you look at it, but his former college teammate Sam Perkins hit the last second game winner as L.A. beat Chicago. Jordan did his part with 36 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds with 3 steals on 14 of 24 shooting and 7 of 9 from the line. He did this all in 40 minutes.

No. 3 Jordan best – game two vs Phoenix in 1993 was another crazy scoring game for Jordan as he put up 42 points in 40 minutes. Also amazing is that he had 12 rebounds and 9 assists for a near triple double. He added two steals as Phoenix threw everything imaginable at him, but he still made 18/36 from the field and 2/2 from three range. The Bulls won.

No. 2 Jordan best – In his second finals game ever in 1991 Jordan came back from another awesome game where he put up 36 points and 12 assists but this time, no one was going to stop Jordan from winning. In the first game Perkins hit a game winning three for the Lakers win but the Bulls swept them the rest of the way, started off by this amazing Jordan game. In only 36 minutes, Jordan schooled the entire Lakers team so bad, that if you were watching this game you would freak out at how amazing Jordan was compared to anyone. He put up 33 points and had 13 assists and 7 rebounds 2 steals and a block. He did it on 15 of 18 shooting, at a certain pint hitting an all-time playoff record 13 consecutive field goals without a miss! Remember when Jordan flew into the lane and then switched hand and layed it up on the other side? “Oh, a spectacular move by Michael Jordan!” said Marv Albert.

No. 1 Jordan best – I have never in my life seen a player on any level play as absolutely perfect and exciting as Jordan did in the first game of the 1992 Finals vs Portland. I was literally left dumbfounded as halftime came and Jordan had just hit his sixth three pointer over 6’10” Cliff Robinson, as he put his hands up, like, “I can’t explain this”, but he was the greatest player ever and he had 35 points AT HALFTIME!!! I never have ever seen a person play that good at that level in the NBA, never. The Bulls were up so bad that they barely even played Jordan in the second half. He finished with 39 points on 16/27 shooting and those six threes were spine tingling. Jordan the most exciting player ever, and the greatest ever! Sorry KB lovers, but MJ is unexplainable.