The Political Issue with the WWE

Money LongContributor IIJune 2, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. CEO Linda McMahon and her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, appear in the ring during Vince McMahon's 64th birthday celebration at the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Hey young world! It is your man Money finally allowed to contribute to the BR. Riddle me this Bleachers! What is the one thing that is ruining America and the WWE….give up? POLITICS! I am not talking about bureaucrats, well in the cause of America yes, but I am not writing for the New York Times. In the case of the WWE it is my opinion that politics is one of the biggest reasons we have the most water-down, predictable, rated G, Disney takes more risks product ever. Of course by politics I mean Linda McMahon!

I know some of you are like wait hold on Money! Linda is no longer the CEO of the WWE and she is currently trailing in her Senate race in Connecticut.  How is she the biggest reason for the stale, predictable, Care Bear friendly product that we see each week on our screen? Well the answer is family association. Yes Linda is no longer the CEO of the WWE but she will be forever connected to the WWE because she is a McMahon. Worst yet she is running on a Republican platform. Every politician is a hypocrite, but I mean worst yet because as we all know Republicans are the party of family values, no matter how laughable that maybe.

As mention many times on this very website, Smackdown has always been PG. Even in the “Bald Headed, double stunning, candy ass” (thanks Rock) days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Smackdown was always PG and far more entertaining than anything today. So for all you Attitude Era fans (I am one of them) the problem is not the PG era.

In the world of politics your background is investigated and criticized to no end. Everyone digs up anything negative associated with your past no matter how trivial it maybe. So in the case of Linda McMahon her dirt has been in living color for decades. From Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, and Latino Heat just to name a few, the WWE has a list of untimely deaths as well as life-changing injuries to countless employees. Also Vinny Mac’s business ethic has also been called into question more than once. For reference on that fact, YouTube Vince’s interview with Armen Keteyian on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Not exactly Senator’s husband material.


My point is this. It is all a cover. Mixed with the lack of competition, Linda’s Senate run is the single most important reason for the lack of story, lack of risk, and lack of entertainment in the WWE. The WWE is doing everything safe; as we all know one mistake can ruin a candidate (Howard Dean I’m looking at you) so expect John Cena to keep being the champ! The kids love him and parents love him. He is the perfect face for a clean company. Randy Orton and Edge maybe better wrestlers and more popular to older fans, however their image is not suitable for a company who’s former CEO is running for office. With Linda spending $50 million dollars for this run at the senate, believe me she is serious.

Don’t believe me? Explain why Vince is willing to retire the Mr. McMahon character (one of the best heels in the game). Explain why all the McMahon work is done behind the curtains and not on the TV screen (expect for a very "happy" Vince last night). Explain why we have American heroes like Buzz Aldrin hosting Raw when he clearing had no idea where he was or was either really drunk or both. Explain the tamest rattlesnake I ever saw in Stone Cold when he hosted Raw a few months back. It is all about image. The WWE has a lot of negative images of their past to overcome, so much so that it could kill Linda’s senate run. Her connection to the WWE is one of the main reasons for this stale and safe product that we are currently seeing. In politics your connections can be political death. So instead of facing the dark past of the WWE, why not just turn it into the Disney channel? In America we like to think we have family values for public acceptance, and Linda needs the mainstream public to accept the family business if she has any chance. We all know Americans have a short memory. So new parents may not even remember the Attitude Era (or have forgotten), and if they tune in now the WWE looks sooooo Hannah Montana (look out she might be the next guess host) There is no way that the WWE would have the type of entertainment that we older fans are asking for while Linda is running for office. That would be like a governor paying an escort for sex…oh wait that happen my bad! It would be like a family-valued married senator engaging in gay sex in a bathroom….you know what forget it you get the point!

The future of the WWE may rest in the results of Linda’s Senate run. If she wins, Sponge Bob might be hosting Raw next. So am I off base here? Or do you agree?


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