I Can Beat Tiger Woods and Roger Federer

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer IMay 29, 2010

Hi, some of you know me, but some may not. I'm sure my profile will get plenty of hits after this one.

I challenge Tiger Woods and Roger Federer to play me at my favorite sports: Golf and Tennis.

I play pretty good golf, especially for my age, and some steel in portions of my right leg.

I have rescued lots of dogs and it requires kennels, dog food, vet care and so on.

I handle all this pretty well on a day-to-day basis, but I could really use a better place on my land, and better, nicer kennels for the dogs .

I challenge Roger Federer to 18 holes of golf, from the tee's associated with our age, and  current handicap.  I will only require he gets me a nicer place and helps me out rebuilding the kennels after I kick his butt.

If I happen to lose, which is highly doubtful as I will rise up to his golfing level with no problem, I will write 25 articles about anything Roger wants me to write about.

As for Mr. Woods, I can whip Tiger in tennis, no problem. I played on the high school tennis team, and did not reach my full athletic ability until later.

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He will not be able to return my Bobby Riggs like trick shots, spins, lobs, and a cut backhand I got from watching Mr. Federer, that will destroy his will.

My serves will baffle him as he tries to hit balls that are actually moving.

I don't think he could handle my mind game as well. Tiger leaves me much ammo, ha!

After I beat both of them, they may chip in together to help me out. No problema!

Yes, i am bi-lingual as well.

After I humble both of these players at my favorite sports, I will play each of them at basketball, one-on-one, double or nothing on our bet.

Then after those two games, they will be building me a nice spread. Bet me!

Please read all my articles as this a ploy to gather more fans of mine as I write about the PGA Tour and the NFL.

But still, I know I could beat both of them, especially one-on-one. Tennis against Tiger might be a crap shoot, but I 'll take Federer down.

Call me, guys. Schedule is wide open.

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