Arsenal FC´s 2009/2010 Premier League Season: Top 10 Moments

John SmithCorrespondent IMay 28, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 09: Arsene Wenger the Arsenal manager waves to the crowd during the Arsenal team appreciation lap after the end of the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Fulham at The Emirates Stadium on May 9, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
David Cannon/Getty Images

Kinda bored today so I´m going to do one of these silly top 10 articles that the American readers on seem to like so much.

I am also sick and tired about talking about Cesc and who is going to replace him.

The more I think about it, and the more I evaluate the previous transfer business of Mr. Arsene Wenger the more I think he´d probably just go with Nasri in Cesc´s position and hope for better performances from Diaby and Denilson.

Anyway, more on that next week as I´m going to hold off and pray, until Cesc actually leaves us.

Top 10 Moments of Arsenal 2009/2010 Season

10. Signing of Thomas Vermaelen and the Subsequent Surprise

This was pleasantly excellent.

I remember thinking, we´ve just signed a Belgian who plays in the Dutch league for a team with a very leaky defense. This guy is like Silvestre, he doesn´t know if he´s a LB or a CB.

I was completely wrong.

He was a titan and a demon for us all season. He made more appearances for the club than any player, and while he might have been a bit over-zealous sometimes, he did more than enough to ensure that next season starts with quite a few "Vermaelen 5" shirts in the stands.

9. 6 - 1 Thrashing of Everton on the Opening Day of the Season

Despite none of our strikers getting in on the act, we had no problems scoring goals that day.

It was perhaps the only game the whole season where we saw Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Cesc, RVP, and Arshavin together in the same team.

Denilson scored a good one, Vermaelen scored a goal we don´t often see from Arsenal and the result put us top of the league after Day One.

Everton certainly had some troubles that day, their captain Jolean Lescott essentially letting us dribble past him, and not contesting headers at the back because he wanted to double his wages at Man City and Mr. Moyes wouldn´t let him.

Still though, we were class.

8. Vito Mannone Performance v. Fulham

Flappianski was still injured when Manuel Almunia got AIDS for a bit earlier in the season. So, we entrusted a 21-year-old Italian Godfather-looking maniac to protect the area between the pipes.

He did so valiantly, and never really let us down like the other two goal keepers did numerous times during the season.

However, he was absolutely fantastic against Fulham and certainly deserved his man of the match award for keeping the Cottagers off the score sheet and just being a cool bastard in general.

7. Cesc Fabregas Goal v. Tottenham

You know the one that was scored so quickly after our first goal through Robin van Persie that you can hear the crowd cheering before the Camera´s even get a look at the chaos?

You know the goal where Cesc Fabregas DRIBBLES (This is for Arsenalos and Paul Culliford who seem to think that Cesc Fabregas is incapable of dribbling the ball or taking it past anyone - I love that Cesc tried to do it 82 times last season and was successful 62 percent of the time. THANK YOU OPTA STATS for making these nay-sayers look like fools) past three Spurs players and then plants the ball in the bottom corner past Hilarious Gomes.

6. Cesc Fabregas Performance v. Aston Villa  

We needed him.

He wasn´t fit.

He had a tweaked hamstring. He came off the bench, DRIBBLED past Aston Villa´s defensive midfielder, got hacked down, stepped up and arched a lovely free kick into the top left corner leaving Skeletor with no chance of getting it.

Then he burst down the right wing, was fed by Theo Walcott (or maybe Eboue) and finished neatly at the near post before hobbling off with an aggravated hamstring.

20 minutes, two goals, all the plaudits, and definitely a good night from his missus. Pretty fantastic day no?

5. 5 - 0 Thrasing of Porto in the Champions League.

We went down 2 - 1 in the opening leg because Flappianski, well, basically threw the ball in his own goal once and then put the ball down for Porto to roll into the net on the second occasion.


We needed some big performances from some of our key players. 

Signal Nicky B. The Player I had been praising all season for his tireless running and magnificent physique as a footballer shushed his critics after a dreadful performance against Burnley where Arsenal fans sarcastically clapped his substitution and responded with a real No. Nine Hat trick.

It was wonderful. Nasri scored the goal of the season in my opinion and we were back on track in Europe. 

4. Team Reaction after Aaron Ramsey Injury at Stoke

When Martin Taylor assaulted Fast Now-not-so-fast Eddie when we played Birmingham a couple of seasons back, our heads when down, we conceded a last minutes penalty (which was a terrible call) and drew the game when United were breathing down our necks.

This time when Ryan Shawcross butchered young Aaron Ramsey, Cesc and the rest of the team responded fantastically and smoked Stoke 3 - 1.

We didn´t give up and two injury time goals put us over the finish line coming away with three points.

Fair play!

3. Manuel Almunia for 20 minutes against Barcelona

Barcelona were freakishly good against us for the first 20 minutes of the opening leg.

Manuel Almunia played the game of his life, he played like he did against United last year in the CL semi-final.

He was everywhere.

The well-being of his body was secondary and he really turned up big. His save against Xavi was world class and I haven´t seen a better one this season.

However, in the second half, he returned to his former self and came off his line inexplicably to allow the shitty Swede Zlatan to chip him rather quite easily.

2. Cesc Fabregas Penalty v. Barcelona

Disney should make a movie of this moment.

We are down at home, struggling to salvage the tie.

Theo has changed the game.

The ball is played into the box, nodded down for Cesc, Puyol kicks through the back of him.

Player down.


With the head of a lion and the cold eyes of a leopard tiger, a Teogard! Cesc Fabregas eyes down Valdes and coolly slots away his penalty for goal number 1,000,000 of the season.

What´s this?!

Cesc is limping.

Ohhhh of course, because Puyol stopped Cesc´s moment so abruptly that he snapped his own leg! Shit.

Cesc out of the season, our title hopes dwindle even more as the injury bug strikes again.

1. Nicklas Bendtner Goal v. Barcelona.

I was in the Nou Camp for this match, tickets through my law firm, Thanks again Boss!

What an incredible three minutes.

Screaming in the middle of a bunch of Catalans. Spilling my beer and sunflower seeds everywhere after my favourite player had put us in the lead after having been the second best team for most of the game.

Once again, a nice strikers goal, good recovery after Theo had put in a fairly shit ball.

I don´t know if I´ve ever experienced such jubilation on a football pitch but this was really a wonderful moment.

I can´t remember what happened after that, I just remember it got a little, wait for it, MESSY!!!

As you can see my season pretty much ended when we lost to Barcelona in the Champions League.

I still followed, I still blogged, I still hoped that Chelsea or Manchester United would drop the requisite points to allow us back into the League having done so earlier in the season.

However, Birmingham REALLY killed us.

We could have gone ahead of United and then REALLY put pressure on Chelsea but we threw it away to a fluke goal and some poor goal keeper and we finished up with a bunch of "what-ifs" and "if-only."

Roll on 2010/2011!


What was your favourite moment of the season?


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