JR Motorsports Secures Sponsor and Nostalgic Ride at Daytona

Sandra MacWattersCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

Photo credit:  Sandra MacWatters

JR Motorsports secured sponsorship with GT Vodka in a package deal that returns a driver to Daytona International Speedway for a nostalgic ride.

The Firecracker 400 was won in an upset 25 years ago.  Greg Sacks took the win with an R&D car not intended to run the entire race.

Sacks, part owner of Grand Touring Vodka negotiated with JR Motorsports to be primary sponsor on the NASCAR Nationwide car No. 88 for 25 races spread over 2010 and 2011.

He will drive the No. 88 for the first race in the new generation NASCAR Nationwide car at Daytona International Speedway in July at the Subway Jalapeno 250.

Sacks had a friendship with Dale Earnhardt Sr. and now he will race against his son who will be driving the famed Wrangler No. 3.

On the silver anniversary of his last win, Sacks will return to the high banks of Daytona.  Greg Sacks will more than likely not race again after this celebratory race.

He will now take the wheel of the new COT style NASCAR Nationwide car to race with the regulars in that series.

The next generation car will be a new experience for all the drivers under actual race conditions.

Sacks will have Tony Eury Sr. as his crew chief at Daytona.  They were working closely together at the Daytona test session.  The driver attempted to get as much seat time as possible and was one of the last cars to park as test sessions closed.

On the second day of testing recently at Daytona, Sacks was running times in the mid- range of the field of cars involved in the test sessions.

Sacks company, Grand Touring Vodka, will sponsor 10 races this year and 15 races next year.  The GT Vodka logo reportedly will adorn a dramatic paint scheme on the No. 88 car.

There has been no announcement as to who will drive the No. 88 after Sacks ride in Daytona while the car is sponsored by the Vodka company.

For all appearances, it looks like Sacks bought a ride.  It is really so much more than that.

He may have only had one Cup win, but the GT Vodka owner/promoter is a capable driver who never really had a chance to prove his ability.  He has 263 Cup starts and 32 in the Nationwide series.

Many of the teams he drove for fell into financial disarray.  He was a strong qualifier and drove sporadically until 2006.

Sacks would like nothing better than to be running with Earnhardt Jr. at the front of the field on the last lap during the July race at Daytona.

It is fair to say expectations are high for Junior in the No. 3 Wrangler car.

We wish Greg Sacks a safe race and good finish in the 25th anniversary celebratory run he is making at Daytona.

For JR Motorsports it is a winning deal to have secured the GT Vodka sponsorship.


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