Seattle Seahawks: A Quick Chat With Pete Carroll

12th Man RisingContributor IMay 26, 2010

When there’s not a lot of news any news is news.

ESPN’s Mike Sando got some interesting perspective from coach Pete Carroll at OTA’s.

On Chris Clemons:

“Chris Clemons has really improved a lot. I think that was a very good move for us. Chris has shown terrific speed. He is really into what we are doing. He is a disciplined football player. I really like him at the spot we are playing him. So far, that has gone well.”

Of course, we won’t know anything until the pads are on, but glancing at both Clemons', and Tapp's numbers, they are nearly indentical in terms of sacks.

Clemons has 62 tackles and 20 sacks in five seasons he has logged in playing time, including a career high eight with the Oakland Raiders in 2007—despite only starting three games. When given the opportunity, he has proven he can be productive.

So far he is the leading candidate for the elephant role, which simply put, is a rogue linebacker/defensive end.

In four seasons Darryl Tapp has logged in 18 sacks and 186 tackles; although it should be noted he has started 29 more games then Clemons.

As far as pass rushing is concerned, the trade was a wash, and considering we got EJ Wilson with the pick acquired in addition to him, we won out on the deal from first glance.

On Aaron Curry:

“We are hoping Aaron Curry on the other side will give us two guys who can go into Qwest (Field) and light it up on the edge. There won’t be many teams faster than those two guys off the edge.”

Lets cross our fingers and hope that Carroll’s defensive blueprint is that much more...

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