The Oakland Raiders and the Need For a Veteran Wide Receiver

Jimmy HalCorrespondent IIIMay 23, 2010

12 Nov 2000:  Mushin Muhammed #87 of the Carolina Panthers celebrates during the game against the New Orleans Saints at Ericsson Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers defeated the Saints 20-10.Mandatory Credit: Craig Jones  /Allsport
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B/R Senior Analyst Ramone Brown recently wrote an article about regardless how much potential the Oakland Raiders' young receivers have, they still need to improve when it comes to catching the ball.

I want to say that I fully agree, 100 percent.

Throughout the article, Brown gave statistical evidence that proved his point comparing Oakland recievers to other NFL receivers who are notorious for having many drops. He did a good job in stating facts about the Raiders' receiving corps, rather than just open criticism and bashing.

Though in the comments section there was plenty of debate as who the blame belonged to: A porous quarterback, with even worse fundamentals, or the lack of a veteran presence at the WR position?

Personally, I believe it's a mixture of both, however, this article is not to bash former Oakland QB Jamarcus Russell.

This is to make the case that the Raiders need a veteran WR. This, I believe, was the tone of Brown's article (no disrespect Ramone, I'm not trying to tell you what you meant).

It seems Raider Fans are making a plea for veteran WR Terrell Owens. My question is why?

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Sure, T.O. has had a great career, putting up astonishing stats. But he has also had a reputation for being a concern in locker rooms.

I do believe those days are behind him, but is Owens ready to be a teacher? He can lead by example, but I think Oakland's young receivers need a player who can teach them in-depth to become better.

I do not think Owens is that guy.

If I were the Raiders, I would go for a receiver such as Mushin Muhammad.

Muhammad has had a very solid career, and is used to playing in competitive games. Also he is used to playing the role of mentor, as he helped develop Pro-Bowler Steve Smith.

Another vet I would approach is Laverneous Coles.

Coles may not have had a flashy career, but he has made a living at being exceptionaly good at the fundamentals, such as route-running, and having quality hands—t wo aspects that all of our young receivers can improve upon.

True, I am not a general manager, but it would'nt be a bad idea to go after both of these guys.

I could see Muhammad teaching Chaz Schilens how to become a legit Red Zone threat, and I could see Coles helping Louis Murphy and Darrius Heyward-Bey how to run efficient routes, and create separation.

It's no secret that I am not the biggest fan of Johnnie Lee Higgins and Todd Watkins, so letting them go in order to create room on the roster would be fine with me.

Tell me what you all think, because I think we all understand that the WR position in Oakland is not as stable as many fans would like to believe.

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