Why Lewis Hamilton is Good for Your Soul

Duncan ScottAnalyst IMay 23, 2010

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - MAY 11:  In this handout image provided by Amber Lounge, Lewis Hamilton poses with the African Childrens choir at the Amber Lounge party held at Meridien Beach Plaza on May 15th, 2010 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by StillMoving/Getty Images for Amber Lounge)
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It may seem a very trivial way to begin an F1 article, but I invite you to consider the girlfriends of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.


Because I'm writing this, and that's the way I want to do things. OK? Is that a problem for you?

Jenson Button is dating a model by the name of Jessica Michibata. Jessie, as I am sure Jenson calls her in private moments, looks a very nice girl. And Mr. Button, as I am sure Jessie calls him in their insipid apology for passion, is undoubtedly a very nice chap.

Lewis Hamilton is dating Nicole Sherzinger. I have never met the lady, but like any man of impeccable taste who has been watching the US TV show Dancing With the Stars , I have seen a lot of her. Maybe not quite enough, but even so, I know that is one extremely fine woman. The younger Jessie has summer in her face, Nicole has spring in her butt.

I put it to you that the two ladies are perfect parallels for their respective partners; the nice guy has a nice girl, the bad boy has a hot woman.

Nice guys don't always come last, thus Button is the reigning F1 World Champion. Cue a big yawn, global disinterest, and a team so enthralled they asked him to close the door on his way out.

Not that I an in any way disparaging Button. I am a very fair man.

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He has surprised most people in the world of F1 by being well ahead of Lewis thus far in 2010. Is there a more calculating professional on the F1 circuit? Calm and thoughtful, he has the judgement to make the right calls on which tires to wear and when to put them on. Put him at the head of the pack in a good car, and he will lap the circuit with metronomic efficiency.

Impetuosity is Lewis's hallmark, and not just on the track, as any Australian court will tell you. He will attempt impossible overtakes, and often pull them off. Bad boys go for it, and Lewis has the monumental courage to be the F1 driver who provides more of those golden heart-in-the mouth moments than anyone else.

If Button is the cold-hearted sniper who fells you from a mile away with a bullet through the neck, Lewis is the close-up warrior who bayonets you, twists the blade, and will then have the nerve to say he was nowhere near you.

Button is ice, Lewis is fire, and we all need warmth in our souls.

Within the McLaren team, it is very obvious that super-nerd Martin Whitmarsh is very pleased with Button. Lewis was acquired and loved by buccaneering Ron Dennis, and I strongly suspect that Ron's successor is both baffled and frustrated by him. That may mean Lewis will not be with McLaren for very long now.

Whatever car Lewis drives, I am sure his greatest glories are yet to come. Adversity and repressive authority will stalk him, but the devil takes care of his own.

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