Golden Says Temple Football Owls Are Loaded

Mike Gibson@paprepsCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

If you type in "how loaded is loaded" into a google search engine these days, the first result will be this very thoughtful and well-researched post by MH55 on
Before this post goes into oblivion caused by's limited serving capacity, we thought we would post it here.

MH55 got the idea, I presume, from the night of the bowl party.
Three or four of the boosters who had a chance to speak to Golden that night said that Golden used the words "we're loaded" for next year and followed that up with big cat-eating-the-canary grin.

Anybody with half a brain who follows college football, let alone Temple football, could have told you that. Temple returns 17 of 22 starters from a team which won nine in a row last year, beat Navy on the road (which hammered Missouri, 35-14, in a bowl game) and has 15 redshirts in reserve who many believe are better than half the returning starters.

Bernard Pierce (pictured) is no less than a Heisman Trophy candidate at running back, but he's got plenty of help.



Yet it's not the kind of thing a head coach would say out loud, even on deep background.
The Temple fan who listed the players coming back did one better, loading up on names and positions.

Here is the returning roster (games played in paraenthesis):
Defensive Line:
Eli Joseph (36)
Kamara (35)
Robinson (25)
Blueford (24)
Wilkerson (24)
Morkeith Brown (21)
Custis (10)
Frenk (1)

Red Shirts

Levi Brown
Shahid Paulhill
Kamal Johnson
Geoffrey Prather
Tyreek Spain

P Joseph (27)
Martin (25)
Whitehead (13)
Namude (12)
Q White (10)
M Green (12)
St Johnson

Red Shirts
Van Norton
Zach Kane (U Mia transfer)

Defensive Backs
Jarrett (37)
Liverpool (37)
Griffin (23)
Gildea (12)
Kroboth (11)
Mo Jones (12)
Falcone (12)
K Johnson (8)
J Williams (2)

Red Shirts
Terrell (2)
Deonte Parker
Byron Parker
M Gould


Charlton (28, but now a tight end)
Stewart (20)
Gerardi (1)

Red Shirts
Bryan Morris

Running Backs

Pierce (12)
Brown (11)

Red Shirts
A Smith (6)

Balasavage (20)
Rodriguez (13)
Pekarski (1)

Red Shirts
A Jackson
L Turner
Wide Receivers
D Green (37)
Crudup (33)
Campbell (31)
Nixon (25)
Jones (25)
Hutchinson (18)
Bynum (14)
Carraway (9, but now a D-back)
Hammond (1)

Red Shirt
Anthony Parker Boyd (North Car X)
Ryan Alderman
R Streater JuCo

Silvera-BE Capable Temple Ready

Offensive Line
Morris (32)
Madison (28)
Dennis (27)
Tribue (25)
Sean Boyle (25)
Palumbo (22)
Caputo (19)
Brown (17)
Pat Boyle (17)
Schonnbruner (9)
Whittingham (4)
Yuan (1)

Red Shirts
Martin Wallace (Northeastern transfer) 6’6 295
Scott Roorda 6’3 318
Cody Bohler 6’7 305
Evan Regas 6’4 313
Sean Pearson 6’5 312
Daryl Pringle 6’6 315

That's a lot of names, but there's a lot of talent behind each name.


Maybe that's not the word.

Or maybe it's just the word.


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