Brett Favre: A True Story of Love and Hate

Eric TurnerContributor IMay 21, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 20:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Green Bay Packers celebrates after throwing a 12 yard touchdown recption during the third quarter of the NFC championship game against the New York Giants on January 20, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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The year is 1992 and new Packers GM Ron Wolf has just made a move that would change the NFL as we know it. He gave the Atlanta Falcons a first-round pick for their "uncoachable" backup quarterback, Brett Favre.

As a member of the Jets (ironically), Wolf had his eye on Brett going into the 1991 draft, but he was taken by the Falcons just one pick ahead of the Jets. So, a year later as a Green Bay Packer, Wolf had finally got his man.

All of this history changing madness went on without my knowledge, since my birth had only been four years prior. It wasn't until a few years later that I would truly get into Packers Football.

But nevertheless, ever since I was cognitive enough to fathom the existence of professional football, Brett Favre had always been the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

To document my feelings toward Brett Favre throughout my life, I am going to use the self-made Love-Hate-o-Meter.

The Packers have always been my favorite team every since I can remember, despite not living in Wisconsin or having any family members bear the green an gold. It was just something that I had always liked. So obviously, Brett Favre was my favorite player, even before I found out if he was any good or not.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Unconditional Love

Fast-forward to 1996-1997, the first year I truly got into the Green Bay Packers. It is Super Bowl XXXI, and my favorite team with my favorite player is about to become world champions.

I think we all remember the moment where Favre is running down the field with his helmet held high in the air, and the biggest smile on his face. This moment would push the Meter dial to its limit.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: True Love

The very next year it is Super Bowl XXXII, and the two teams present are a dream match-up to me. You see, my father is a huge Denver Broncos fan, and John Elway was his favorite player. So I don't think I need to explain the feelings in my household on that day.

Still, because of my father, the Broncos were my second favorite team (a distant second) and he had always been supportive of the Packers because of me. But that still didn't sway the fact that I wanted to prove to him that MY favorite player was better than his.

Anyway, the Packers lost and Elway had the upper hand in "the greatest player ever" sweepstakes. But I blindly defended Favre through and through.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Unconditional Love

Over the next few years, the Packers continued their dominance even though they couldn't make it back to the big dance. Every year they posted a winning record and were almost a lock to make the playoffs.

Heated debates with my friends over who is the best team in the NFL would always end with my default argument, "Brett Favre is the greatest player ever". That usually didn't go over very well since the response would always be, "Well he couldn't beat Elway".

Then they would tease me with completely hypothetical and unimaginable scenarios of how he would leave the Packers and go win with another team. Ya, right, I thought, That would never happen, losers.

Again, I would blindly and biasedly defend Favre until my voice would become hoarse.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Unconditional True Love

Lets fast forward some more, to the tearful Favre retirement press conference. His tearful words and reflections tugged on my heart strings and I was very sad to see my favorite player go. But his previous flirtations with retirement had prepared me for this moment, so I was ready for it.

But then, a few months later before the season had started, here comes Favre, wanting to come back, again. There were rumors that the Packers had contacted Favre before the draft, asking him to come back, but he rejected.

So now, after all the preparation the Pack had done because he said 'no', he expects he can just waltz in and take back his job?

Well, he is Brett Favre, after all. Then reports started coming out saying Aaron Rodgers was tired of waiting, saying he wanted to leave if he didn't get to start. 

The Packers were now backed into a corner, do they give Favre another shot and risk losing the future of the franchise? Or do they commit the unspeakable, and cut ties with a legend.

Like an epic scene from Boondock Saints, with the choir and violins in the backround, the Packers showed him the door. And all of Packer Nation watched in horror as he angrily walked through it.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Ambivalent

The Packers traded Favre to the Jets, despite his wishes to stay in the division.

As a Packer fan, I was happy he went to the Jets, that way I didn't have to completely hate him. But still, seeing him in another jersey, professing his anguish for the Packers, just began rubbing me the wrong way.

It is true that both the Packers and Favre could have handled the situation better, but in my eyes, it was Favre who was at fault.

If he would've just been more decisive and not given the Packers such a run-around. Or if he would have been less decisive, for that matter, when he had finally decided he was done.

He was also at fault thinking his legendary status would allow him to do whatever he wants. He thought because he was Brett Favre , he would be taken back without question. Then he got angry when the Packers said 'no'. 

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Hate, with chance of reconciliation

His tenure ended as a Jet, and it seemed he was sure to retire. He asked the Jets for his release, and thinking he would retire, they did. 

But little did they know that Favre had other plans and he still wanted to get back at the Pack. I have to admit, that was a pretty dick move on his part. Finding a loophole like that and exposing it.

Then my absolute, unimaginable nightmare came true, Brett Favre became a Minnesota Viking. Now I must say that my hatred for the Vikings runs very, very deep, and this was my breaking point.

Then the season starts and Favre is performing amazingly, better than any time he had been a Packer. His touchdowns were high and his interceptions were low. All I could think was, Why, why do they get the good Favre? The past few years we got the interception king, and now, they get the touchdown king? This is not fair.

Its safe to say that my hatred for Brett Favre is running at an all time high at this point.

Current Love-Hate-o-Meter status: Hate, with NO chance of reconciliation

Now we are at present day and I am certain Favre will come back again.

He has been looking for a team that is desperate enough to bow at his every movement, and he has found them. We all know he will wait until after training camp to come back just so he doesn't have to participate. Thus nailing the "Diva" status into his legacy.

Its funny how quickly I turned on Favre after a lifetime of admiration. But there is just no way I can support him as a Viking. My hope is one day, maybe in five or six years, I can bring myself to forgive him.

But he has inflicted some very deep wounds that will take a long time to heal. In time, those wounds will heal and forgiveness will seem closer.

But I want you to remember one thing, Brett: healed wounds become scars, and scars are permanent.


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