Monster Mile: NASCAR's Top Four Finishers' Fast Comments

Dwight Drum@@racetakeCorrespondent IIIMay 17, 2010

The mile track at Dover is called a monster for a reason. The track is a fast, high-bank concrete oval that challenges the best In NASCAR. Kyle Busch swept the weekend with a Nationwide and a Sprint Cup win, a rare happening. Select quotes from the top four finishers before and after the race tell a quick tale of the “Monster Mile” for fans.

Photo credit: Dwight Drum @ Racetake.com

Kyle Busch (No. 18 Toyota)

“It’s all about trying not to make our bad days worse and be our own worst enemy,” Busch said. “You got to give and take, sometimes. I’m learning that a little bit more. We need to make sure this M&M’s team focuses on what it needs to focus on and not what everyone else is doing, for now, to keep going forward.”

“Man, I don’t think you’ll outwork the guy (Dave Rogers No. 18 Toyota crew chief) working as hard as he does but you might beat him sometimes here or there. Today we prevailed. That’s what it takes to win one of these deals.

“We had a top-four race car. It was fast, it was just a little bit unbalanced. So as soon as we got the balance right, the thing really came to life and took off.”

Jeff Burton (No. 31 Chevy)

“Typically there are a lot of fast cars, not just one or two fast cars, and it's really competitive,” Burton said. “You put that much talent in one place, and if anybody makes a mistake, then that one person ain't going to make it happen."

“This team is really strong and we're getting there. The track was so rubbered-up that if you ever got out of the groove you'd just all but wreck. I was just wanting the race to get over."

Matt Kenseth (No. 17 Ford)

“Dover is probably my favorite track,” Kenseth said. “Our performance is usually better here. It always gives us a confidence boost to get here and get out on the track.” 

“It was a struggle out there. Track position was really important today and I am glad the race finished under green. We got the best we could out of it at the end.”

Denny Hamlin (No. 11 Toyota)

“If we end up somewhere in the top-15, that would be great for us,” Hamlin said. “If we don’t run good, it’s not because of momentum—we know that part of it is good. We just have to make sure we have to keep that roll going and do the best we can.”

“This is not a great race track for us. We just battled back and forth loose, tight and just could never really get the balance. I just don’t work traffic that well around this race track, but we’re going to keep working on it and it’s a step forward.”


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