Three Owners the NFL Could Do Without

Eric TurnerContributor IMay 7, 2010

These three owners are, in my opinion, solely responsible for the recent demise of their respective teams. Bad decision after arrogant decision after worse decision, have made their teams consistently the laughingstock of the NFL.

There is no doubt in my mind that if these owners were to walk away from their teams, it would be an instant upgrade to their clubs. As it stands now, these teams have absolutely no chance of success with their current owners.

Dan Snyder - Washington Redskins

Philosophy for success: If you pay them, they will come.

Draft philosophy: Who needs the draft!!

Coaching preference: a "Has-been" or a "Yes man."

Snyder's football philosophy basically goes like this: Grab the biggest name free agent, give him a ridiculous amount of money, and expect him solely to save your team.

"News Flash!" This isn't the NBA, this is the biggest "team" sport in the country. Simply having a highly overpaid, big-name player will not translate to success. They need some form of coaching and a supporting cast.

The Glazers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Philosophy for success: If you "don't" pay them, they "won't" come.

Draft philosophy: If the experts say they're good...

Coaching preference: It doesn't matter, as long as they're inexpensive.

Let's face it, the Bucs are now the Glazers' second team. They have now moved on to the much flashier Manchester United, which have a bigger debt than Mike Tyson.

Preoccupied by dealing with Man-U's debt, the Glazers have become extremely stingy when it comes to the Bucs. Hence their no-name head coach, who was promoted from the "back" of the coaching lineup.

The Buccaneers deserve much better than this and deserve an owner who will actually care about them.

Al Davis - Oakland Raiders

Philosophy for success: Totalitarianism

Draft philosophy: Speed...Speed...and Talent? No...SPEED!!

Coaching preference: "I'm the coach!!"

Al Davis recently has made horrible draft pick after horrible draft pick. He has reached for horrible draft picks, moved up for horrible draft picks, and been taken advantage of by other owners.

Sometimes, it seems as if other owners have Al Davis on speed dial if they need more draft picks.

There have been few coaches in recent memory who have had the patience for Al Davis. Mike Shanahan, Jon Gruden, and Lane Kiffen have all walked out on Davis due to his arrogant and controlling attitude.

The coaches who stay really need the job and have no problem being a "puppet."

Al Davis is arrogant, controlling, and a bit senile. Raiders fans, I am so sorry that this guy is running your team.


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