Tiger Woods' Constant Media Coverage Is a Double Bogey for Golf

Adam SpragueContributor IMay 7, 2010

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL - MAY 07:  Tiger Woods waits on the 11th fairway during the second round of THE PLAYERS Championship held at THE PLAYERS Stadium course at TPC Sawgrass on May 7, 2010 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

This morning, while watching Mike and Mike in the morning, ESPN broke into what they called a “2010 Players Championship update”.  However, there was nothing discussed other than Tiger Woods’ scorecard.

Their “update” started and stopped there.

According to ESPN, all the viewer needs to know about the game of golf is how many birdies and bogeys one golfer out of the entire field made.  ESPN anchor Reischea Candidate failed to even mention who was currently in first, second or third place after round one.

Both today and yesterday, ESPN.com provided a link on their main website entitled “TCP in progress” and then provided another link where you could get updates from the course from ESPN reporter Jason Sobel.

The web page was titled “Jason Sobel’s Live Analysis From Round 1 of the Players Championship” however, the only updates Sobel provided was a stream of updates about Tiger Woods.

Where was the coverage on the actual tournament?

Sobel’s updates Friday were no better.  Sobel stated,

“I don't know if nervous is the right word, but [Woods] aimed a lot farther right than yesterday.” 

This followed his previous update which stated,

“Looking across the pond, it looks like a back-middle pin placement for today's round. Almost no wind right now, so it will be a good time for [Woods] to play the hole as soon as he finishes up here on 16.”

This is obviously not analysis of the entire tournament.  This is one man following Tiger Woods everywhere he goes and telling us about it.  Regrettably, these were two of the better posts Sobel has made in two days.

ESPN seems to be paying someone with the world’s largest man crush on Tiger Woods to post comments that are less informative than John Mayer’s twitter updates. 

Unfortunately, Woods is Sobel’s meal ticket and Sobel knows it.  As long as people continue to eat this stuff up we as fans will continue to be bombarded with this empty, watered down reporting.

It’s truly a sad time for true golf fans. 

Just imagine if ESPN and other media outlets covered golf like they do the NBA and aired actual highlights from multiple golfers on multiple holes.  The world seems to have a hard time acknowledging the fact that anyone can even attempt a shot other than Woods on the PGA Tour.

The sport of golf as a whole would benefit so much more from a major media outlet doing a story on the great year Anthony Kim is having. Better still would be to highlight an amateur’s round and how he handled the pressure of playing with the big boys on tour.

Unfortunately for golf, coverage of the PGA has turned into entertainment news. It might be time for golf fans in the United States to start following other tours.


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