What Did You Expect? Lawrence Taylors's Story Was Too Good To Be True

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst IMay 7, 2010

Dwight Gooden, Lawrence Taylor, and Darryl Strawberry captivated New York in the 1980s.

They led their teams to victories, and they got themselves in trouble with the law.

They worked hard to keep themselves out of trouble after being in jail. It's been a constant battle for them.

Gooden, for one, has not won the war or the battle, based on more of his incidents

Strawberry has done a fine job of being a role model. He has not been in the news for the wrong reasons.

It seemed Taylor was heading to the same track like Strawberry is until this morning.

Taylor was arrested in upstate New York for raping a 16-year old girl.

We thought Taylor would overcome his demons. We thought he figured it out. We thought he knew when to stay out of trouble.

That apparently was not the case.

Old habits apparently don't die hard.

Once a criminal, always a criminal.

We should known this was coming eventually.

Taylor doesn't seem to get it.

First of all, why is he out late at night? There's nothing good happening if a person is out that late.

There's nothing to do at that time. People go to bed or go to work. Most places are shut down.

He is a married man. Why would heย have a lust towards other women? One would think he would be responsible for his wife.

Even worse, he went out with a minor and raped her.

Anytime a grown man goes out with a teenager, that person has issues.

It's disgusting. There's nothing to be proud of when one has a lust for a kid who doesn't know what the real world is.

Raping someone is a crime.

That girl is going to remember this for the rest of her life. No matter how hard a psychologist does in getting her to get past that, it's hard to forget this type of stuff.

Why would he want to be an accomplice to a guy who kidnapped her? That's another example of stupidity right there.

Rasheed David apparently went to hit this young girl, and then handed her to Taylor to rape her.

Taylor should have done a heroic thing by calling the police on David instead of doing what he did.

He would have earnedย goodwill from people for doing the smart thing. People would have looked at him as a Good Samaritan.

This would show he was serious about turning his life around.

He did some great things as a Giant, but nothing would have stood out more than him sending David to jail.

Instead, we learned his good behavior was nothing more than an act.

Even if he was innocent of wrongdoing, this does not bode well. The fact he was an accomplice to all this should doom him. It would be a tremendous disappointment if that didn't happen.

Taylor fooled us. That's the best way to say it.

We like good stories. Good stories inspire people to know there's hope and people can change for the better.

People don't like to see athletes cause disappointment, especially after going through rehab.

Unfortunately, life is not about fairy tales.

Once a person is in trouble, odds are that person will never change. It takes hard work to go out and change.

People are lazy. People don't like to put an extra work. It's easy to go out and do something stupid. There is this urge when people can get away with the stuff they do here.

It's unreal, but that's reality.

From now on, we should always be cynical with athletes when it comes to their behavior.

Those folks ruined our trust and faith with them.

We should stop being fooled by them. The athletes don't care about representing themselves well through their conduct. They act like they are above the law

Sure we can admire them for what they do for our teams, but let's not idolize them.

Here's hoping Strawberry can overcome this stereotype about an athlete staying out of trouble.

But let's not get our hopes up either.

After seeing what Taylor did, it's good enough to be cynical of everyone.


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