Checking in with Former Michigan State Spartan and Current 49er Jehuu Caulcrick

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ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 28:  Jehuu Caulcrick #30 of the Michigan Sate Spartans is chased down by Paul Anderson #19 of the Boston College Eagles during the Champs Bowl on December 28, 2007 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When it comes to answering questions that fans want to know, Jehuu Caulcrick doesn't shy away. The former Michigan State Spartan football standout has been more than willing to talk to me about just about everything under the sun—especially pertaining to sports-related topics.

The world of athletics can be entertaining, perplexing and absurd.

And we nearly covered all the bases.

I asked him questions on a couple of touchy subjects, which we both felt would be best to keep "off the record"—specifically, the Dez Bryant situation. Put it this way, the questions asked by NFL organizations are wild.

And Caulcrick didn't really want to speak on the matter.

Enough said.

Now with his third NFL team, it sounds to me like Caulcrick is making himself comfortable in the Bay-area. We had an interesting chat (as always), and here is what I am willing to divulge to you, the reader.

What did you think about LeGarrette Blount possibly joining the Niners?

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"He told them that he would sign . All of that stuff doesn’t get signed until last weekend’s rookie camp. He made a decision that he felt was best for him. You can’t fault him on any of that. That goes back to saying if you’re a man of your word—he told the people that he was going to be here (in San Francisco), and he turned his back on his word."

How does his signing with the Titans affect Javon (Ringer?). [Ringer is a close friend and former teammate at Michigan State].

"He’s just going out there to compete for a position. He likes Chris Johnson. It puts him in the position to work hard and be the second guy. Javon knows the system, so he has the one-up on him (Blount). When you don’t know the system, you’re not yourself. You’re mechanical or robotic, so to speak. You’ll start seeing (Ringer) transitioning back to his Michigan State days—making plays. I don’t think with Blount there it will put him on the back burner. Javon welcomes competition."

How vigorous is an NFL spring camp?

"It’s a hardcore camp. They want to know what type of football player you are. They want to see if you’re in shape, for one. They want to see if you can learn from the classroom and take it on the field. You have about three or four run plays and two pass protection plays that you have to know. It’s intense, you want to impress the coaches. You have to show that you’re a 'coachable' type of person."

Where do you see yourself in the Niners’ offense?

"Right now I’m behind a guy that’s been in the league for 10 years at the fullback position (Moran Norris). I couldn’t be happier to learn from anyone other than him. I look to contribute on special teams, and there’s a possibility that I could be a tailback on third (down) and short-yardage and goal line situations."

What is it like working alongside Frank Gore? What type of run offense will the Niners run?

"Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, who played at Michigan State—he likes to have a fullback in there, too. Probably 75 or 85 percent of the plays are going to be two-back sets. Frank is a good guy. I had the opportunity working out with him (to get to know him). He’s a hard runner. It’s like last year when I was in the backfield with Thomas Jones . At first it was an intimidating factor—he played in a Super Bowl. He told me ‘Hey man, I wouldn’t want to go to war with anyone but you.’ He calmed me down. Frank’s the same way."

What is your relationship with him, and your other teammates like so far?

"Right now the closest relationship I have is with Glen Coffee. They’re a bunch of good guys. It’s like being the new kid at school. How are you going to fit in? Everyone was warm and receiving to me. Coffee and I have a good relationship, we hang out on the weekends. If you don’t care about each other, you’re not going to be a successful team. The teams that go to Super Bowls hang out with each other. It shows that you’ll do anything for that guy on the field. Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed—when I was with the Jets, that was a close-knit team. That goes to show the coaching staff is a good group of guys. Honestly, at Michigan State it was like that. My last year we were successful because the coaching staff was close."

Current news: What do you think about the Phillies fan getting tasered?

"There are two sides to it. You don’t know what he had until afterward. You have to take precaution. You have to protect the players, they’re out there on the field entertaining the people in the stands. If they don’t feel safe, you have to do what you have to do. I think it was a kid trying to get his 15 seconds of fame, but that doesn’t belong out there."

What are your thoughts on Patrick Willis' contract? You’re surrounded by big-money talent. What’s Willis like? He just signed a 5-year $50 million ($29 million guaranteed) deal.

"It’s something that guys are happy for each other. Everyone knows that you’re not going to play football forever. They have to earn as much money as possible. It’s not like he’s a guy that had one good season. He’s been productive since he’s been here, he’s been to a Pro Bowl. He’s a really good guy and he deserves it."

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