Was Dez Bryant Treated Unfairly by Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland?

m gContributor IMay 3, 2010

This story is not going awayβ€”and it shouldn't.
For every person who wants to get on the post and say "cry-baby this" and "cry-baby that," those in the same scenario as Mr. Bryant would have done the same thing.

The problem I have is this: I don't think the Dolphins really ever wanted this guy. And, if they did want him, they shouldn't have asked a question like this...ever!

For those players/analysts comparing questions of character and saying things on the field, remember: Those are your peers. A player has heard those things since Pop Warner, so any argument for Ireland trying to catch Bryant off-guard as a test fails.

Mr. Bryant was applying for a job, which explains why he didn't say anything then. He was casually asked about what questions bothered him during the process.
So are we to say now that any player who has family connected with drugs, alcohol, jail, or any other issues like that will never be drafted by the Dolphins? That in itself is the disturbing part of this editorial and characterization of the Dolphins management.

The fact that Ireland did not apologize until after it came out in the public media means he thought the question was okay, which means a lot of the public thinks it's okay, too, until someone asks you about your mother...then the rules somehow change?

Give me a break. Everyone has a story now about what you have to go through for the process. Show me where, in any process, an interviewer asks, "Was your mom a prostitute?" and is justified.

It isn't right, people. Get your mind right. It doesn't apply to the job description, and as the applicant you should say so.

Dolphins management is wrong, and the owner has to deal with this mess as they have embarrassed the organization of a team many fans love and honor.

The mind-set of the trifecta has to change in dealing with the public and the handling of their players...and it starts with Stephen Ross, the owner.

This is not the Dolphin way. And where is Bill Parcells during all of this? He can calm all of this down with some clarification.


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