What Dez Says: Was Miami Dolphins GM Out of Line?

Joseph AndreasenContributor IMay 3, 2010

Remember the good old days when at a job interview you might have got thrown a curveball question like, "If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?"

One of the biggest stories last week was the news that Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked first round draft prospect Dez Bryant, "Was your Mom a prostitute?"

That interview question heard around the world immediately cast a shadow of not only Ireland's career, but the Miami Dolphins' organization. Ireland apologized the next day, which was the right thing to do.

Later in the week, the Dolphins gave their side of the story. According to Dan LeBatard's tweet , here is something how the interview process went, according to the Dolphins:

Dez Bryant denied any of this ever happened.

First off, under no circumstances Ireland should have asked if Bryant's mom was a prostitute. If Bryant said his dad was a pimp and his mom worked for his dad, that would be enough information.

Second, if Bryant is lying, stating this was not how the conversation played out, then the Dolphins made the right move by not drafting him. I bet in just about every interview process, no matter the type of occupation, the potential candidate's honesty is probably one of the main attributes they look for in a person.

If Bryant would lie about this conversation, he would more likely lie to his organization at some point in the future.

I'm not saying Bryant lied. I think the Dolphins were really considering drafting Bryant with their first pick. Miami had recently traded Ted Ginn, a former first round pick from a few years ago. So Miami was in the market for a stud wide receiver. The Dolphins, like just "about" every other professional sports organization wanted to be 100 percent sure who exactly they would be investing millions of dollars in.

I wonder if Miami had this interview with Bryant before or after they traded Ginn. If the interview happened after, Miami may be regretting getting rid of Ginn.

At the same time, how a person was raised, what kind of neighborhood they grew up in, doesn't always reflect an individual. And hey, an NFL team basically wants a receiver for one thing—to catch the football.

But the NFL is ruled with the iron fist of Roger Goodell and his strong zero tolerance policy. Dez Bryant has already had character issues in his young life, so you have to look at Bryant as a possible risk for your organization. What if he screwed up and was suspended? You can't catch touchdowns if you're not on the field. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys are regretting their first round pick now?

Look at Joba Chamberlain for the NY Yankees. He grew up in Lincoln, NE. Not a place known for rough neighborhoods. But in the past two years, Joba was cited for DUI and just recently his mother was thrown in jail for meth.

But all of this doesn't make Joba a bad guy and probably doesn't really affect his performance on the field. But you'd have to wonder if these two incidents occurred before Joba was drafted, it really would have hurt his stock.

Even though he'll be playing for the Dallas Cowboys, I hope Dez Bryant has a brilliant career. But even now more than ever, you have to question his character.