Former Bengals/Patriots RB Corey Dillon Arrested Again

Christopher DiCarlo@OfficialCJGatzContributor IIMay 3, 2010

Rumors are swirling about former NFL runningback Corey Dillon, and his possible return back to the gridiron.

Apparently Dillon is trying to come back to football to play for his original team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Less than two weeks ago Corey Dillon was arrested under suspicion of DUI, now Dillon has been arrested yet again.

This time he has been busted for spousal abuse.

According to TMZ, the arrest came Saturday evening at his home in Calabasas, California.

Dillon and his wife were allegedly arguing about a pending divorce and issues involving the custody of their child, which lead to the assault. He was later arrested and held on $50,000 bail, but he has since been released.  

Corey Dillon spent 10 season in the NFL.

During the time you would call his "prime", 1997 through 2003, he played for the Bengals.

During his final three seasons in the NFL, Dillon played for the New England Patriots, winning a superbowl.

Dillon is currently No. 17 on the all-time rushing list, with a total of 11,241 career rushing yards.

Ten years in the NFL is now considered a short lived career, but with close to four years off from the game, Dillon could struggle with a comeback.

Now with his recent legal troubles, it's almost safe to say we won't see Corey Dillon back in the NFL again.

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