Fantasy Football Top 25: Is Wes "Sky" Welker Still a Top Pick?

Jeff WahlCorrespondent IMay 2, 2010

That would depend on the depth of your league and how it scores, however...

He is the Receiver you are looking for.

Moving on, the following ranking system is based on a PPR League that rewards as follows:

  • One point per reception
  • One point per ten yards receiving/rushing
  • One point per 25 yards passing
  • Three points per receiving/passing TD
  • Six points per rushing TD

Last season saw yet another changing of the guard.  Several players picked in the top 25 of your draft in 2009 have dropped completely off the board whereas there will be names of guys who went undrafted (gasp!) that you will see below.

Without Further Ado,

1. Chris Johnson - RB.   Judge Dread presided over the league last year like few others before him. In some drafts he went as low as a late second-round pick (I drafted him fifth overall last year, please leave me your praise in the comments section) but this year he's the consensus number one - regardless of league type.  Congrats on sucking last year, you now get the best player in fantasy football.  Try not to blow the rest of your draft.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew - RB.   Mountain Drew is not only delicious, he's refreshing!  He's also a heaping pile of fantasy awesome that will put you - the second worst poolie in your league last year - in good stead the rest of the way.  Remember, this is a PPR league ranking and MJD got 93 points as a pass catcher alone (which was down from the 134 he put up in 2008).  That's 85 points more than Michael Turner.  Go ahead and get jacked up on The Drew.

3. Adrian Peterson - RB.   You could easily flip flop this pick with number two and no one would scoff.  However, I rank AP third due to the fact that Childress doesn't involve him in the passing game as much as Jones-Drew (As Favre got comfortable with his receivers, he used AP a lot less).  Nonetheless, he did have a down year as a runner and a bounce back to 1600+ yards could be in order.

4. Ray Rice - RB.   Rice-A-Running burst on the scene last year to become a bonifide fantasy superstar (I drafted him in the ninth round last year, please leave me your praise in the comments section).  The only thing keeping this adorable creature from cracking the top three was a lack of TD's.  However, hitting paydirt only once with 78/700 as a receiver is a fluke.  I'd expect closer to 15 total TD's this season.

5. Frank Gore - RB.   Improved O-Line and respectable passing offense makes FrankenGore a sexy pick to round out the top five.  Although his health issues and the presence of rookie hammer head Anthony Dixon do give a moments pause, the good simply out weigh the bad.

6. Stephen Jackson - RB.  The last of the great duo-threat backs are now gone with this pick.  Always a great option in the passing game, Action Jackson had an injury free year and got over the 1400 yard hump again.  The four TD's however, leave much to be desired.  I think that was just an anomaly and 1400/10 is the bench mark this year - along with his standard 50/400 as a receiver.

7. Michael Turner - RB.   The Burner's injury last year (not unexpected after his 376 carry season in 2008) was actually a blessing in disguise for potential MT owners this year.  With only 13 carries after November 15th, Turner has been able to heal and rest up and should be ready to blast away at opposing D-Lines on his usual TD/game pace.  He won't catch many (any?) passes but 1600/20 is a possibility.

8. Andre Johnson - WR.   For the Love of Dre J, how this guy hasn't eclipsed ten TD's yet is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside Kubiak's odd red zone package enigma.  That has to end soon, my guess is now.

9. Jamaal Charles - RB.   If not for the acquisition of Tom Jones (and then drafting Dexter McCluster), I'd rank JC, the fantasy Black Jesus, at least two spots higher.  However, the Cheifs backfield is all of a sudden a tad cloudy but my assumption is Charles emerges as a Ray Rice type.  It's Not Unusual to expect Tom Jones to be used as a short yardage, goal line back however, eating away at The Lord's TD chances.

10. Aaron Rodgers - QB.  Green Bay is Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood now.  He's also the best fantasy QB in the game and still getting better (I drafted him in the fourth-round last year, please leave me your praise in the comments section).  Now with the addition of the Bulaga Whale at RT, Rodgers should feel a bit more comfortable in the pocket.  5000 yards?

11. Shonn Greene - RB.  This is a speculative pick here but if you're confident in your ability to build significant depth at RB in the later rounds then the reward could be significant.  Think Michael Turner circa 2008 type of upside.  LT and FloJoe McKnightengale won't interfere with the ascension of the very phonetic Shonn Greene.

12. Drew Brees - QB.   How about the starting QB for the best offense in football?  Moving on...

13. Larry Fitzgerald - WR.   If not for the retirement of Crystal Kurt Warner, L. Scott would be 3-5 spots higher on this list.  Having said that, Ryan Leaf could get this guy 80 grabs so Leinart to Fitzy should be good for 95+ right?  Right?

14. Rashard Mendenhall - RB. What I like: He's young, talented, healthy, gorgeous (what?) and has no competition for his job.  What I don't like: inconsistency, Ben's predilection for young drunk girls, weak passing game.  Rashard is a boom or bust pick but his talent is just too tantalizing.

15. DeAngelo Williams - RB.  My issue with him has to do with a man named Jonathan Stewart.  Sooner or later, J-Stew will take over as the number one.  Oh yea, who's the QB this year?  So many red flags.  I'll pass on him but he still deserves the rank.

16. Beanie Wells - RB.   Why the not so Wisenhunt kept going to Bubba Smith Hightower is just odd.  Anyone who watched 'Zona games last year could clearly see that Wells was far and away the better back.  If he gets 20 carries this year he's in line for Prime Rudi Johnson type stats.  For Serious.

17. Brandon Marshall - WR.   Lets see here; emerging strong armed QB, (arguably) best O-Line in football, (arguably) best running game in football, and now the Fire Marshall?  Some records could be broken (I drafted him in the seventh-round last year, please leave me your praise in the comments section).  Duper who?

18. Ryan Grant - RB.   He's healthy and now the O-line is repaired (he hopes).  The receiving stats are just gravy.  Safe pick (i'm looking at you Greene/Charles owners).

19. Peyton Manning - QB. Just can't argue with this kind of health/performance consistency.  Young receivers are only getting better as well.

20. Phillip Rivers - QB. His receivers are deadly and now he's got a running game again.  Sail down the Mystic Rivers with confidence.

21. Cedric Benson - RB.   Not flashy by any means but he's safe and reliable (who'd ever think to say that two years ago regarding this guy?).

22. Miles Austin - WR.   Highest PPG for a receiver once he became a starter.  Sky's the limit for Miles High Austin.

23. Reggie Wayne - WR.  His numbers might actually get better with the improvement of Garcon and Collie. 

24. Ryan Matthews - RB. I introduce to you the 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Enjoy.

25. Wes Welker - WR.   And now we turn our attention to the Fantasy Jedi, Wes SkyWelker.  Reports indicate he could return as early as Halloween and as late as Thanksgiving (US).

The question you need to ask yourself is, are you confident in your ability to build a strong enough team to withstand the loss of your third-round pick for the first two months of the season?  If so, draft Welker with confidence knowing that you'll be adding a 10/100 receiver to your roster just in time for the fantasy playoffs.  You'll be bulls eyeing Womp Rats all the way to Title Town.

You're welcome.


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