There's Something Very Wrong With This Arsenal Side?

Andrew WoodCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - MARCH 27:  Arsene Wenger of Arsenal strides out in front of the home support before the Barclays Premier League match between Birmingham City and Arsenal at St. Andrews Stadium on March 27, 2010 in Birmingham, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
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There's Something Very Wrong With This Arsenal Side?

Arsene Wenger has done an incredible job with Arsenal (I am the first one to say that). He has single-handedly kept us in the Top Four, even though with we have had the smallest wage budget and the smallest transfer budget of any top four side of the Premier League.

Arsenal hasn't won anything since 2005 it came close in 2006 Champions League and also in the PL in 2007 but it didn't win and 2008 was a horror show wasn't it?

In 2009 Arsenal has shown promise some of the kids have even started to grow up but my question to Wenger is: Where are the winners? Where's our Tony Adams, our Thierry Henry, our Patrick Vieira, our Dennis Berghkamp.

People have said Fabregas will be our Knight in Shining armour but who can guarantee that he will be at Arsenal after next season if we don't win a trophy? I can't.

I love Fabregas; I think he has shown this season that he will go through a brick wall for us and he certainly has the leadership qualities to rally the troops behind him, but if he's injured then who gets the captaincy band? Almunia (OMG)? The player Wenger said publicly was never supposed to be our long term No. 1.

The leadership of our team starts and stops at Fabregas and when it comes to winners then it doesn't even start, forget about end.

This is where the real problem lies, if in the last two of our league games our best player is a 35 years old CB who was playing for Notts County 7-8 months ago, then we do have a serious problem.

We are a young team who craves leadership and you could see it in the Wigan game.

I was crying for Wenger to introduce Van Persie after their first goal because you can see we were rattled and were making stupid mistakes.

But he made it worse by introducing Merida who's only 20 and is probably playing his 2-3 game for us.

I can see why Wenger didn't want to risk Van Persie and hoped some fresh legs will do the trick but he should be able to see we lacked leadership.

When a team is rattled, they need a player who can take a team by the collar and say we are better than this.

Maybe it wasn't Wenger's fault ,since apart from Van Persie on the bench, we had no one over the age of 20, but isn't this what wrong with us?


People say to our GK problem buy Lloris (23), Aginfeev (23), Neur (24) isn’t that making the problem even bigger?

We have young GK's here: Wzsezney (19), Mannone (22) and Fabianski (25 even though I have started to feel he might be too lightweight for EPL).

If you want to improve the squad, then surely we need experience, maybe someone like Frey (30 years old with a bundle of experience and already considered world class)

For our CB problem we have 3 defenders out of their prime and out of contract in the summer and two good defenders not even close to their prime.

If Wenger intends to improve our squad, then he needs to find diamonds again but not young 20-22 year old but someone close or in their prime at least 25-29 year olds.

From the names thrown in the media, I will prefer Cahill over Hangeland.

Cahill is English. meaning he knows how important FA Cup and derby matches really are, he's strong, tall and most important of all pacy, something we need to have in our players with our high line.

In the Midfield and Attack, people can argue we have a very good squad but If you add two names, two experienced players, players who have played for Arsenal before, players who have won with Arsenal, players who created the Invincible then I can truly call this a complete squad.

Those players for me will be Vieira (33), Henry (32) both out of contract, both looking for better opportunities somewhere else so why not at Arsenal.

If we can play Sol Campbell, a 35 year old every game, then we can surely play these players once in two or three weeks and imagine having them as a sub. Who can energise not just a team but a club like Henry or Vieira?

Currently for our DM position, we have Song and Denilson and in all fairness, I think Song is probably the best DM in the EPL right.

But adding Vieira, a player who can happily sit on the bench since this will be his last World Cup, and playing him once in 2-3 weeks doesn't sound a bad proposition to me.

As for Henry, we play 4-3-3 and Henry can play anywhere from the right wing to CF to the left wing. LW is covered by Arshavin and Nasri and CF with Chamak, Van Persie, Eduardo, Vela and Bendtner and RW is covered by Walcott, Eboue and Rosicky.

It looks like we have too many players but if you look closely then you can see why adding Henry isn't a bad idea.

Van Persie is the most injury-prone player in the PL, Eduardo is not the player he used to be, Eboue, Nasri, Rosicky are not consistent players and none of them are even wingers.

Bendtner, Vela, Walcott are too young for us to expect any consistency from them and in the big game they have allowed the pressure get to them (they have done that consistently).

Imagine playing Henry in the London Derby rather than Bendtner.

This for some might be all be bull$h!t and you might think that bringing players like Vieira and Henry who are past their prime is not the right way forward but when it comes to the big games you need players like these e.g. Scholes in Manchester derby, Giggs early season form, Lampard and Drogba and what they are doing for Chelsea and finally Sol Campbell.

Campbell in the London derby in Wenger words would have "died" for the cause and imagine having Henry and Vieira not playing week in and week out but in the big games giving it their all and knowing what takes to win a title.

My last words to you is that we had a 17 old midfielder in the Wigan game; imagine if we have someone named Vieira or Henry on the bench.


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