Minnesota Vikings To Make Adam "Pacman" Jones Their Next Project?

Brandon Erickson@derkipstaCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

The thought is crazy, right? Pacman with arguably the most wildest personality of the NFL today. Signing with the Vikings? Blasphemy!

The Vikings are now less then a mere month until they select the 30th pick in the 2010 draft, one of the more talented drafts in recent memory. With that 30th pick, the Vikings are projected to likely add depth to their cornerbacks with a selection of possibly former Boise State Bronco, Kyle Wilson.

With that thought, the Vikings also have the need of addressing the offensive line, most notably, the right gaurd position where the aging and average Anthony Herrera seems to be the only major blemish (trying to ignore the left tackle, Bryant McKinnie). Nose tackle on the defensive line also needs attention with big Pat Williams getting up there in years and possibly playing his last season in 2010-2011.

With that said, being one of the top four teams comes with an unfortunate hinderance with current CBA working against them. As such, the Vikings can only replace, not add.

As such, the Vikings have currently two free agent openings to use in free agency with three players leaving the Vikings (OL Artis Hicks, CB Karl Paymah and RB Chester Taylor) and only acquiring one (K Rhys Lloyd). With that said, the bottom line is that only two players on free agency can be picked up by the Vikings and they need to be of equal value to one of the three players let go.

Rhys Lloyd's terms of his contract are unknown, as such, there's no telling whom exactly (salary-wise) he's replacing with the exception that he likely isn't replacing Chester Taylor.

Getting back to the case at hand, Jones would bring something to the squad besides drama (not that there aren't any others on the roster or technically questioning retirement). He does bring a very valuable piece of talent to a core of corners.

Jones may only have four interceptions in three NFL seasons, however, he does have a physical aspect of his game that would benefit the cover defense Minnesota is known for.

Looking at the positives, the Vikings could very well shore up a position with depth to learn under the likes of Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin to possibly grow. Under Childress, his attitude will have a little more structure. That and Favre possibly playing with him could give the same shepharding that Favre gave rookie standout Percy Harvin last season.

From the advantages point of veiw, it would help both sides. Not to mention he would be playing for a contender. He also may come a bit cheaper due to his history. With that said, he could very well be bargain.

Now, that aside, his attitude resembles a certain Viking we remember who now finds himself in New England. Randy Moss's disruptive personality rightfully tore the Vikings organization to the core forcing the recent restructure with Childress as head coach.

He also brings with him a sense of pride that could very well clash with the likes of Jared Allen or Pat Williams.

In the grand scheme of things though, he almost is too good to pass up with the current situation. That No. 30 pick is quite valuable and makes this option a very possible one. Especially if Favre's next shot in 2010 is his last. Meaning this year is it. If the Vikings are going to make a move, the time is now.

Not to mention, Chilly loves re-sculpting his roster with players that were discarded as busts elsewhere, then come to Minnesota and make a name for themselves (Visanthe Shaincoe, etc.).

Though this seems unlikely to happen, one can only wonder. I mean, come on. The Vikings signed Brett Favre. A known drama-queen and hated enemy for the nearer part of the last two decades and look what happened. What about Pacman?


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