Andy Reid Must Make a Decision On His Quarterbacks

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IMarch 28, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 17:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Andy Reid in the second quarter of a pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers at Lincoln Financial Field August 17, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Throughout his time as the Eagles' head coach, Andy Reid has not given a thing to the press. He has always talked them in circles and said a whole lot without saying a thing. He never gave them anything substantive and avoided controversy.

But now, with his "We're listening to offers" comment, he has sparked a fire that I'm not sure anyone saw coming. The vultures that make up the Philly media have run with that innocuous comment and have been spitting out any trade rumor they can think of, all the while presenting it as a matter-of-fact.

The comment didn't mean anything other than they're listening, but it's now been turned to mean that Reid is actively shopping McNabb and wants him out of Philly.

Reid also said he's listening to offers for Kevin Kolb as well, but that has gone largely unnoticed.

Reid made a mistake by saying anything. He has started the fire, and now he must put it out by making a final decision on his quarterbacks.

That doesn't mean he's got to call a press conference and let everyone know his decision, but he has got to make a decision, at the very least, behind closed doors and begin actively shopping one quarterback or the other.

My personal belief is that it should be Kolb who should be shipped off because, at this point, his stock around the league is probably higher than McNabb's—not because he's a better quarterback, but because he is younger and shows a lot of potential.

NFL head coaches have enormous egos, so the prospect of working with a guy like Kolb could catch the interest of someone who fancies himself a developer of young quarterbacks.

McNabb has gone through his entire career without any real weapons, other than Brian Westbrook, and it would be a damn shame to ship him out of town now when he finally has weapons everywhere on the field.

Everyone wants that Super Bowl, so wouldn't it make sense that the Eagles intend to go after that elusive title right now if they keep McNabb? If they trade McNabb and go with Kolb, doesn't that just further the notion that they're simply content with being an above average team that makes it into playoffs and no further year after year?

Sure it does, but who's going to let facts and reason get in the way of their insane rants?

Either way, Reid has got to make a decision. Whether that's McNabb or Kolb, he has got to decide and he's got to let both guys know. Then, from there, he can work on moving one of them.

But until he makes a decision one way or another, this franchise will be caught in limbo and will not be able to move forward and pull all of its attention on the draft and improving in 2010 and beyond.


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