Philadelphia Eagles Trade Speculation: Vick is a Good Fit for Minnesota Vikings

Leo PizziniAnalyst IMarch 26, 2010

It's hard to imagine Brett Favre playing beyond the 2010 season.

Well known as it is, Favre amazingly played amazing throughout last year—earning accolades and career-best statistical achievements. His age may have shown, but his heart and competitiveness pushed him to Super Bowl contention with the Minnesota Vikings.

How long can he continue?

The Vikings are a team determined to win in the near future with Favre likely to return only for 2010 at best.

Michael Vick may not get a chance to start for an NFL team in 2010 at all.

That's not necessarily the worst thing for him at this stage of his comeback. He could benefit from the hunger. He could benefit from more time. 

But regardless of who wants and needs what, Vick should be able to find a team that will give him the opportunity to start. 

Why not consider Michael Vick for the Vikings?

Vick is a quarterback that can make things happen. He took the Falcons as far as Favre took the Vikings in 2010 with fewer and lesser offensive weapons and a far less intimidating defense.

Vick is a more than competent quarterback whose mobility would add a new dimension to the Vikings already talent-filled offense. Opposing teams had enough difficulty in containing the Vikings' potent passing and rushing attack in 2009.

I'm truly unsure how anyone could defend all of that with Michael Vick challenging every coverage scheme with not just his arm, but his game-breaking foot speed as well.

Does Michael Vick have enough conventional skill to win with the Vikings?

If a conventional quarterback makes more sense to you, just realize how far of a cry Favre is from conventionalism and look at what he did. Vick and Favre may have a completely different swagger about them, but both are proven winners on a football field with their own particular styles of play.

The rumor mill has been churning, "McNabb to Minny if Favre retires."

But what if Favre plays or retires and then un-retires?

Which is likely!

It stands to reason that Michael Vick would put aside his starting aspirations for one season. It's potentially an unattainable goal anyway and gaining an opportunity to control that Vikings offense would certainly be worth waiting for (not that he has anything to say about how he is traded).

And the Vikings could use a good plan going forward.

Donovan McNabb may not be in the cards for the Vikings in 2010 for the benefit of "Favre Watch" and if a team like the Bills perk up, he may not be in the cards for them at all.

The Vikings could make a deal for Michael Vick right now and then have a true weapon (with shelf-life) waiting eagerly in the wings for Favre's exit—stage left even.

I can't think of any reason (aside from injury) that would keep Michael Vick from enjoying great success in Minnesota. He could make that team as potent as almost any quarterback in the league—possibly more so.

The Eagles could make a deal with the Vikings to move up from the fourth or sixth round by throwing Michael Vick in the mix. It's a win-win and win type of deal—one of many possibilities and one for the rumor mill.

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