2010 NFL Draft: Did Zac Robinson Just Surpass Dan LeFevour?

Mack BonnerCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

WACO, TX - OCTOBER 24:  Quarterback Zac Robinson #11 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys looks to pass against the Baylor Bears at Floyd Casey Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Waco, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ever since watching this year's Senior Bowl, I've been struggling with the placement of Zac Robinson and Dan LeFevour in the quarterback rankings.

It is probably well-known by now that Robinson had one of the best showings at the Senior Bowl, and without a doubt, he was the most impressive quarterback on that day.

I really wanted to place him ahead of LeFevour then, just by what I had seen in that game, not due to the stats that they had amassed on that day, but mostly because of the accuracy and arm strength that I saw in Robinson.

I noticed that LeFevour displayed good accuracy too, but he didn't have quite the zip on the ball that Robinson had.

I wanted to say on that day, that Robinson was better than LeFevour, but it was just that,—one day.

I wondered if what I saw that day was a fluke. Was Robinson's arm really that strong? If so, why did he struggle so badly last year without his top target, Dez Bryant?

Let me be clear here: I think that just about any quarterback could succeed with the likes of a Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, or Randy Moss to throw to. It's been shown over and over in the NFL. I still wondered, however, about Robinson's arm strength compared to Dan's. Was Robinson really capable of throwing farther than LeFevour?

Then came the day when I turned on ESPN, and nothing more was on than a quarterback competition between Robinson, LeFevour, Tony Pike, Jevan Snead, Sean Canfield, and maybe one or two other NFL prospects. "Oh, great," I thought. "How convenient this is."

I watched the competition as Robinson again looked impressive. He managed 60 yards on his first throw. LeFevour stepped up and tossed the ball for three fewer yards, at 57. Closer than I expected, but still confirming my suspicions.

Not only did Robinson have a stronger arm, but he also threw the ball with almost no trajectory at all. The ball was on a tight, straight shot to its final resting spot.

Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with putting air under your throws, especially when going for distance. I'm just stating that it allows for the ball to get there much quicker, and that means that if Robinson were to put some air under his throws, he could get it even farther downfield.

On Robinson's second throw, he managed to muster an extra three yards to end at 63. If I remember correctly, LeFevour also managed to get an extra three yards on his second throw, ending at 60.

But again, it's all about the way the ball got there.

Still, I didn't want to put too much weight on one game and one quarterback competition. What this did tell me though, was that LeFevour and Robinson displayed similar talents in accuracy, while Robinson displayed a bit of a stronger arm.

Then came the news of today.

From one of the sports network channels came the news of LeFevour's recent scouting reports. Word was that scouts are reporting that he has recently displayed average arm strength and good accuracy. Not great accuracy, but good.

The ball was even said to have a wobble on certain throws.

This seems to further confirm my suspicions that LeFevour is lacking that elite arm strength that it takes to be a top quarterback at the next level.

Does this mean that I think he will not be successful at the NFL level? Absolutely not.

It just means to me that Robinson may be sneaking up on LeFevour in the rankings, and in the NFL draft.

Does this mean that Robinson has over taken LeFevour in the rankings? For me it does.

I cannot control anybody else's rankings or draft board, nor would I want to. But for me, this was the day that Robinson slipped past LeFevour in my rankings.


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