Raider Fans Have an Exciting April Ahead: What Should Happen to Them

Austin Swaim@@Swaim55Contributor IMarch 25, 2010


Oakland has struck out with rookies in Round 1 for the last few years....if these trades happened....we might have a chance at the playoffs..

Trade 1: BlockBuster

Philly gets:

OG Cooper Carlisle

2nd Round Pick in 2010

RB Michael Bush

Oakland Gets:

QB Donovan McNabb

2nd Round Pick in 2010

Good move...but we lose a RB.....McNabb will be the first real QB in Oakland since Gannon. Carlisle was getting old, and then we swapped 2nd round picks, which isn't too bad because of our target

Trade 2

Buffalo gets:

QB JaMarcus Russell

4th Round Pick

Oakland gets:

RB Marshawn Lynch

6th Round Pick

Hey Buffalo, lets swap our 07 first rounders. However, Oakland needs a back and they get a 6th in Return for him. Russell has work to do, but the man in Buffalo would be the guy who could groom him


WR Terrell Owens

MLB Keith Bulluck

FA Losts:

Kirk Morrison (3rd Round Tender)

A McNabb-TO duo made it to the Super Bowl, but had a falling out. TO will once again play with McNabb, realizing those were the best years of his career. Thankfully it is for the Silver in Black.

Our Draft Picks after Swappings:

Round 1-Pick 8

Round 2-Pick 55 (from PHI)

Round 3-Pick 70

Round 3-Pick 92 (from SD; leaders in Morrison contest)

Round 6-Pick 179 (from BUF)

Round 7-Pick 216

Round 7-Pick 251 (Compensation)

Well, obviously, the needs we really need now are the lines. An OG, OT, DT, and CB are all still needs. Al Davis will want another RB too, that way we will have our trio again.

Round 1-Pick 8: Trent Williams (OT Oklahoma)

Cable will sit down and tell Al, "Trent is a better tackle, and almost as athletic at Bruce. Bruce was known as a workout warrior, but Trent was a surprise. The last time we took a 5th year senior was in the 1990s [I think], and we need a guy to step up now." Oh, and Williams preformed super at the combine, and Williams was off by a little of Campbell. Raider Nation would back this pick more than the Campbell one. Trent reminds me of Micheal Oher, who was quietly under the radar, and he the best if the tackle prospects. I think Bulaga is too stubby, Campbell is too upright, and Williams has a great build. Raider Nation will go into work Friday with smiles on face and jerseys on back. Davis finally did it...

Round 2-Pick 55: Dexter McCluster (RB Ole Miss)

Yes, this is Al's pick. But, Oakland needs a speed back to complement the balanced McFadden and the power of Marshawn Lynch. McCluster was the fastest guy at the Combine, and pretty much in College Football. McCluster is actually the choice here because we need an RB, and Ducasse and Cam Thomas will be availible in later rounds. They have been plummeting. 

Round 3-Pick 70: Vladimir Ducasse (OT UMASS)

Carlisle is gone, and may feel Ducasse can start day 1 from guard, and that's all we can ask in Round 3. Everyone knows the story of Ducasse.

Round 3-Pick 92: Cam Thomas (DT North Carolina)

I have heard Geno Atkins name, but he is more of the Tommy Kelly type. We need our Pat Williams or Tank Tyler. We need a bigger guy to complement our athletic guy, and fortunatly he is pretty athletic too. Cam will stuff the run, and he is SO underrated. I liked us getting Brian Price at #8 in Round 2, but Cam is virtually the same guy.

TRADE: Oakland to Round 4 for their 6th and 7th Rounders (w/New England)

Round 4-Brandon Ghee (CB Vanderbilt)

I was watching the game two years ago where Vandy got creamed 55-0 by Florida, but Ghee covered Louis Murphy that whole game great. Too bad no one had Percy Harvin, but Ghee was the best SEC corner the past two years, and I feel he has the edge over Javier Arenas from my Tide.

Round 7-Pick 216: John Skelton (QB Fordham)

One pet project out the window, but here comes another. Joe Flaaco's body with a Bazooka arm, Skelton is a project. He ripped up the FCS, and is big armed. Russell let himself go to a point where Skelton can out kneew-throw him. Ha, good luck Buffalo.

Undrafted Free Agents: Marshall Newhouse (OG/T TCU)

And as always: The Roster at a Glance

Postion 1st String 2nd String 3rd String

QB McNabb Gradkowski Skelton

RB McFadden Lynch McCluster

FB O'Neal

WR Schilens Murphy Heyward-Bey

TE Miller Myers Stewart

LT Williams Barnes  Newhouse

LG Gallery  Newhouse Morris

C Satele Morris Williams

RG  Ducasse Morris Newhouse

RT Henderson  Williams Ducasse

LE Wimbley Shaugnessy W. Joseph

DT Thomas Kelly Seymour

RE Seymour Scott Kelly

WSLB Scott Wimbley Bulluck

MLB Bulluck Ikujeba Scott

SSLB Howard Wimbley Bulluck

CB Asomugha Ghee Johnson

FS Huff Eugene

SS Branch Mitchell

KR McCluster Russell Ghee

PR Higgins McCluster Ghee

K Janikowski

P Lechler

LS Condo

Playoff Ready? Maybe



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