I'll Be Happy With Whomever the 49ers Draft

Brian WinettCorrespondent IIIMarch 24, 2010

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A couple weeks before the combine, I was bored at work and started researching the draft. 

So much has changed since then, a few players dropping, a few players rising, and I can honestly say that I have something good to say about all the 49ers' targets.

Sure, I have some preferences...I would like to see a tackle in the first round since there are so many good ones...not to mention it being a need of ours.

If we end up not drafting a tackle because of a best player available (BPA) approach, then I would understand that.

Certainly, getting Crabtree last year was great, although after watching THE BLIND SIDE I was wishing we had Oher for the sole reason that I can say that he played for us.

I am happy with the Crabtree pick though, and that's a situation where a BPA approach was appropriate over need.

Spiller is the guy I would want the least, although if we get him, I would be happy with his potential contribution on special teams and Spiller's potential spelling of Gore, who gets hurt often.

If Dez Bryant falls to us and we take him, I would put up with the character issues (especially with Singletary as coach) to have a one-two punch of Bryant and Crabtree with Morgan as an effective slot/third receiver.

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If we pick a DE like Morgan or Pierre-Paul, I would be happy about our improved pass rush.

If we get Rolando McLain... I actually wouldn't be that happy. I feel the last thing we need is a linebacker.

Any of the offensive linemen, whether a guard or a tackle, or both, would make me happy because that is our weakest spot.

It would be good to have two young guys who will play solidly for us for at least the next five years up front. This will open us up to draft more skill positions in future drafts.

Taylor Mays, while people question his Safety skills, no one questions his athleticism. There's a safety net there too of moving him to linebacker, if safety doesn't work out.  He can cover some of the TEs in the league and it would be fun to see him practicing against Davis.

The speedster safety out of Texas, Earl Thomas, would bring much needed speed to a secondary who can use it.

Even Kyle Wilson, the CB out of Boise State, I would like because he played on a blue field and blue is my favorite color.

I guess, after a month of researching and looking at all the possibilities, I have to remember that you and I are not in control and we have to leave it up to those who are.

That being said, I feel the 49ers are in a win-win situation with their two first round picks and I am excited to root for whomever joins our team.