Pete Carroll: In Pete I Trust

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 24, 2010

On Jan. 11, 2010 Pete Carroll stepped down as the head football coach of the USC Trojans. Pete Carroll has been a NFL coach and head coach as well as one of the most dominate college coachs in the past decade.

I know that people look at his NFL career and say he isn't fit for the NFL.

The 1994 N.Y. Jets went 6-10, not that impressive for a first year head coach. But the 1994 roster wasn't that impressive; other then Boomer Esiason at QB, and maybe WR Rob Moore, no one stands out. It was obvious looking at his offense, the one he adopted, that it wasn't producing. He was fired after that season.

In 1997, Carroll took over for the legendary Bill Parcells. That Patriots team went 10-6 and placed first in the AFC East. He lost in the Divisional Round of the playoffs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The following season he finished 9-7 and lost in the wildcard game. The next season he went 8-8. After that season, Bill Belichick took over as head coach.

He finished his NFL coaching career at 33-31. But if you take away the horrible NY Jets team, he was actually 27-21, a record that I think is a more accurate portrayal of his NFL coaching career.

Oh and by the way, that 13 years ago.

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In 2001 Pete Carroll was the fourth consideration for the head coaching job at USC. When Pete landed the head coaching job, critics and sports writers were already calling him a bust.

In Carroll's first seven games with USC, his record was a dismal 2-5. Many thought he was just another losing coach that got hired for a dying program. After that 2-5 start, the team won four straight before losing the last game of the season, finishing with a 6-6 record and a 5-3 Pac-10 record.

Since his first year, Carroll's Trojans went 63-6, including two BCS Chapionships and two National Championships. I view that as Carroll being a very confident coach that knows what his team's weakness is, and then re-strategizing to overcome adversity in a very timely fashion.

So I would say the man can definetly coach, and in a stressful environment. This testament alone speaks volumes of our new head coach.

In this last decade he has had 14 players go in the first round and 53 total players drafted.

I see that as a huge testament to his knack of finding talent. Many of these players have become household names, Palmer, Polamalu, Bush, Sanchez etc.

No one can tell me that while Carroll was dominating college football, he didn't learn anything. He obviously is a talented coach that knows what direction to take his team.

Carroll also learned at USC what any great coach knows, and that is how to WIN. Winning isn't easy, especially when it comes to organizing a game plan against another football minded coach.

But perhaps that is Carroll's genius, and winning has become a intricate part of his psyche.

I believe Pete will bring excellence back into Seattle.

So I, as a Seahawks fan, do not question him or the direction this team is going. Even if I don't agree with the Whitehurst deal or the trade of Tapp for a situational 240 pound LB/DE and a draft pick, I know that he has a plan.

But as one B/R Seahawks community member Tee Adams said, "Does a lion that takes over a tribe, not kill all male offspring?"

Well said. That explains Pete has a plan and that he knows what he does and doesn't want in his new scheme. He knows exactly the type of personnel he needs to succeed. I like these bold moves that are going on in Seattle.

I am very excited for the new direction this team is going. The draft is a huge question mark. The team's new direction is a huge question mark. And I am overly excited; what an exciting time in Seahawks history.

In Pete I Trust.

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