Sports Camps: How To Choose Among College Sports Camps & Showcases

Barry TarterContributor IMarch 21, 2010

Sports camps, such as college baseball camps, college soccer camps, and college hockey camps, take place every week in communities across the nation. The commitment to send your child to a sports camp (or any camp) is one that shouldn't be taken lightly.  Here are three questions every parent and athlete should ask when making the camp decision:

  1. Are the Instructors/Coaches Qualified?  Quality instruction comes in various forms, but the two ingredients that have led to coaching excellence at the EXACT Sports National Player Development Camp include (a) coaches who have played at the level attended by the player (e.g. high school) and (b) coaches currently instruct at the next level to which the player aspires (e.g. college).
  2. Does the Training Work? Many camps are designed merely AS babysitting programs to take care of youth.  However, we believe that every opportunity with a player, whether it be one that is young or more mature, should allow for improvement in the individual.  Things to consider when evaluating the curriculum of the camp are: (a) off-field sessions (e.g. mental training? seminars? workshops? discussions with coaching staff?), (b) on-field development (e.g. evaluated drills? game situation analysis),(c) evidence that the camp organizers have the knowledge to improve athlete performance (coaching expertise, scientific youth development know-how).
  3. Is the Camp Recommended? Get the facts about the camp. What have other parents said about the camp?  Do players have a good experience?  Even check with current and former instructors—will they come back?  Past performance of the sports camp is a great predictor for future ability of the camp to deliver for your athlete.

When searching for a college showcase, sports camp, or other development or exposure opportunity, be sure to ask questions.  For further articles and information about sports camps, please visit http://www.exactsports.com .  If you are interested in learning about a particular sport camp, please visit:


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