NFL Draft 2010: Why the St. Louis Rams Must Take Sam Bradford

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ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners warms up before a game against the Brigham Young Cougars at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Sam Bradford's projected number in the NFL? No, that is the total number of wins the St. Louis Rams have over the past three seasons. 

The Rams are currently in complete and utter disarray. 

They once again have a top five selection in the NFL Draft after a pathetic 1-15 season. They are currently in the process of being sold, but facing difficulties due to a battle over taxes. On top of that, they had the fourth lowest average attendance last year. 

The quarterback of a team in today's game is the face of the team. Currently, the face of the Rams team would be one of the following: Marc Bulger who is considering retirement, Kyle Boller, A.J. Feeley, or Keith Null. 

None of those names are going to put fans in the seats. More importantly, none of those names are going to put the ball in the end zone. 

Now we come to the NFL Draft. Mock drafts have ranged from having the Rams take the consensus best player in the draft Ndamukong Suh, to fellow DT Gerald McCoy, to Sam Bradford, and in some rare cases, Jimmy Clausen. 

The Rams need to take Sam Bradford. 

Bradford is by far the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft. He has the accuracy and mind for the NFL game. Even though I'm not a fan or believer in it, he had an extremely high score of 36 on the Wonderlic test. 

While you may be passing up the "safest" pick in Suh (and I use that term lightly), the Rams have bigger needs and issues. 

The Rams happen to have one of the best running backs in football in Steven Jackson. However, as we have seen with so many backs carrying heavy loads, they wear down quickly. 

Jackson is only 26-years-old, but has already carried the ball over 300 times twice, and an average of 245 carries when he only played in 12 games in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. That is a ton of mileage on a young back.

That is also only including his rushing carries. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield, but those extra touches also lead to more contact. 

While Bradford may not be ready to come in and take over a game, he is certainly capable of getting the ball to Steven Jackson. While it is unknown how much Jackson has left in the tank as he as already had a pretty hefty list of injuries, a passing threat would certainly make his life easier.

A commitment to a franchise quarterback will put much needed fans in the seats. Making an attempt at bringing back the days of "The Greatest Show on Turf" would certainly muster up some ticket sales. At this point, anything would help. 

While Bradford in most analyst's eyes is the clear cut top QB prospect, there are other options out there. Jimmy Clausen would be available if the Rams traded down a few spots, Colt McCoy is projected to go outside the first round, and of course, Tim Tebow is the biggest question mark of the entire draft.

Yet, when you have a franchise that was celebrating a Super Bowl championship only a little more than 10 years ago, and would now be lucky to to win three games, you need to make a statement. The new owner, the management, and the coaching staff need to let the fans know they are dedicated to turning the franchise around.

It starts with the quarterback.

It starts with Sam Bradford.

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