Tim Tebow: He's a Football Player and NFL Teams Know That

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2010

No less than a half dozen NFL coaches have told me over the years that what matters most in the league is that you have to draft "football players."

Arnold Palmer used to tell us that there are golfers and people who play golf.

There are football players and guys who happen to play football.

Tim Tebow, first and foremost is a "football player." He's the type of guy those coaches I used to talk to would like.

And you can bet that someone is eyeballing his Tebowness following that pro day workout of his on St. Patrick's Day.

Yes, he's changing his throwing motion. What does that show? It shows he's a guy who wants to improve, he wants to be a better football player.

We're all sick of Tiger Woods but don't forget that Woods made major changes to his golf swing twice since he turned professional. He did that because he wanted to win more, he wanted to excel.

Tebow wants to play, he wants to win, he wants to excel. 

He has athletic talent.

He has "want to."

Reviews were mixed on his workout but ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay has done an about-face on Tebow.

In January, McShay was throwing Tebow under the bus along with a lot of other experts. After watching Tebow on Wednesday, McShay has declared, "he (Tebow) won't go past the second round."

Tebow will continue to work and he'll keep on working after he's drafted and he'll keep on working in someone's training camp this summer.

Tebow will play in the NFL. Bet on it.

How good he becomes will depend on the team and the staff that selects him.

One thing you can bet on, he'll work, he'll work hard and he'll learn his position.

Are you listening, JaMarcus Russell?


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