Why Tiger Woods Deserves To Destroy His Competition at the Masters

Jered JeromeContributor IMarch 17, 2010

WINDERMERE, FL - FEBRUARY 18:  Tiger Woods practices golf outside his home on February 18, 2010 in Windermere, Florida. Woods will make a statement at the PGA Tour headquarters this Friday morning (February 19, 2010), according to a notice on the PGA Tour's web site.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Beginning

It all started the morning of "the crash." Tiger Woods mysteriously crashed his Escalade outside his home around 4 a.m.

With reports of a serious injury, the sports world was concerned they had all the lost the world's biggest sports icon.

Woods was a model person, someone that you would look up to. An individual that every company would want as a spokesman. An individual who had more money than I would know what to do with. A man who has his name in the biggest brands in the world—NIKE, Gatorade, and AT&T.

Then "the crash" happened, and the world got a sneak peek into the real Tiger.

The Buzz

As more and more information leaked out into the scene about infidelity, domestic abuse, and sex addiction, the media and fans all wanted answers.

My grandfather told me his thoughts on the matter.

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"It's really disappointing to hear ya know?" he said. "Tiger has the world on his side, people that could care less about golf, root for him because of the type of person he is. I guess its true what they say, nobody is perfect."

I believe he nailed it on the head—nobody is perfect!

My Thoughts, Like Them or Not

Tiger Woods made mistakes, and he is paying for it—financially, emotionally, and physically. So my question is why should he have to apologize to the media and fans?

I respected Tiger more than any other athlete because he kept his personal business just that—personal. He owes me, you, and every other person in the world NOTHING!

When did our society get to a point where athletes must apologize to the public for their mistakes? When did you start believing that you are perfect? When you mess up, do you want to dwell on it, or do you want to move on and try to do better next time?

Nothing is more frustrating to me than when people glorify themselves, acting like they need an explanation for the choices of others.

I wish Tiger never had one press conference! I wish all you people that feel you are owed an explanation were left in the dark, because your lives are that pathetic. If you need an explanation from someone that you know nothing about, fix yourself! Nothing anyone else does is your business. If your life revolves around the choices of Tiger Woods, go talk to a professional psychiatrist—FAST!

Now, I do believe I understand why Tiger has gone public. He is frustrated with the lies made up in the media about his wife beating him.

Tiger has always been private, and when those rumors came out, it seemed as though it bothered him, as it would anyone. Tiger just decided that coming out with the truth was better than having all these BS lies about his family floating around. I respect him for defending his wife and family.

To those who look up to Tiger, I can understand the disappointment you may have. You must realize that his decisions doesn't change who he is. You must not be hypocritical. You must evaluate your life and move on from this, because that is what Tiger is doing.

I hope Tiger goes out there and destroys the field at the Masters for all the crap he has been through.

If I could talk to Tiger, I would tell him this: "Be you! You don't owe anyone anything. If you feel that what you did was wrong, you will do what it takes to make it right. You don't have to explain yourself to me or anyone else." 

To everyone out there that feels that Tiger owes you an apology or explanation, take a look at your own life. Picture yourself getting on camera in front of millions of people around the world and admitting everything that you have done wrong in your life.

Would you feel that you owed millions of people that you don't know an explanation for your transgressions?

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