Detroit Lions: Signing Anthony Hargrove Is Better Than Drafting Ndamukong Suh

Zac Jones@zrojonesCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2010

Now don't get me wrong, I love what Ndamukong Suh brings to the table—quick feet, strong arms, great ability to get to the quarterback, and most importantly, someone you can build a defense around. So why do I like free agent Anthony Hargrove better? It's actually quite simple.

Anthony Hargrove is a proven defensive tackle in the NFL, coming off his best year statistically (42 tackles, five sacks, and one forced fumble). He is also a Super Bowl champion that brings great character and leadership. He is only 26 years old, and coming into his prime.

But still, why Hargrove over Suh? Suh could be the next big thing in football, possibly the best DT in the NFL. Notice the key word there—possible. Suh will be a rookie in the 2010 season. So why invest so much money in him when you can get a quality player like Hargrove? 

Still, the biggest reason I would advise the Detroit Lions not to draft Suh is because they need a left tackle and a guard. Bring in Russell Okung, the guy is the obvious top LT in the draft, and could benefit the Lions more than Suh. Why? Well, you get a new left tackle, and you can move Jeff Backus to guard. 

Last year, Detroit spent buckets of money on QB Matthew Stafford. He's their biggest investment, and they have to protect him. The key to a good offence is a good offensive line.

The line would improve greatly with Okung at left tackle and Backus at guard. Plus, you won't have to watch Backus on his back as much. Wouldn't that be something? Offensive guard is also a more natural fit for Backus, a position where he could be one of the best at in the NFL, no joke.

Now, back to Hargrove. If Detroit can pull the trigger, and make an offer to him, this is what the Lions' defensive line would look like:

RE—Kyle Vanden Bosch

DT—Sammie Lee Hill

DT—Anthony Hargrove

LE—Cliff Avril

Plus, you also get the benefit of throwing Corey Williams in there as well, a guy who can play any of those positions. 

If Detroit really wants to fix the offensive line, they should sign Chester Pitts as well. Just think of how much better the team would be with the two major upgrades on the offensive line. Here is a preview at how the line could look:

LT—Russell Okung

OG—Jeff Backus

C—Dominic Raiola

OG—Chester Pitts

RT—Gosder Cherillus

My biggest point is that games are won in the trenches. Passing on Suh and signing Hargrove makes the Detroit Lions a much better team, in the overall aspect.

Another option of passing on Suh is that Detroit can trade out of the two spot and drop somewhere else in the top six and gain additional picks with it, and still get there guy in Okung.


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