King of the Hill: Why Brett Favre Is the Greatest QB Who Ever Lived

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2010

Talent is overrated.

Brett Favre is not the most talented quarterback in NFL history. In fact he's not even close.

However, talent can be improved upon with practice, excellence cannot.

That is really the only word that can describe Brett Favre's career: excellent.

Favre has been blessed with this excellence since the day he touched a pigskin, but nobody, including Favre himself, knew of it.

They say, "Every quarterback is limited to his playbook," but whoever said that obviously never saw Brett Favre step foot on the gridiron.

Logic is reason or sound judgment.

Brett Favre made plays that defied logic.

Whether he was rolling out right and throwing left or trying to fit a ball into triple coverage, Favre made decisions that no other quarterback would ever dream of. Which is what truly made him great.

Sure he came up with disappointment a higher number of times then one could count, but it was the risk's that Favre took that truly made him the best player on the field at all times.

One of the distinguishing characteristics that Favre possesses is his passion for the game of football.

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Passion is best defined as a compelling emotion or feeling.

I promise you that never in the history of sports has anybody had a passion quite like the one that Favre has towards football. Never again in the history of sports will we see an athlete with passion like Brett Favre.

To Brett Favre football is more than a game which is the main reason why he just can't seem to let it go.

He always plays with a smile on his face and just has fun out there. Whether he's throwing snowballs or slapping his lineman's rear ends in negative temperatures, Favre has more fun then anybody in NFL history and it brings a smile to the face of each and every person who watches him play.

Many sports fans across the globe have fallen under the impression that Brett Favre has overstayed his welcome and tarnished his legacy.

It takes a true sports fan to look at this situation and say it has done nothing but improve the legacy of an already all-time great.

The question that you are probably deeply asking yourself right now is, how could these last two years possibly have improved Favre's legacy?

Well the answer is simple. In a sport where the quarterback takes as many hard hits as he does (most of which are unexpected) how could any man endure that amount of pain for so long? 

What makes it even more impressive is the fact that he takes all these hits at the age of 40. How many 40-year-olds do you know that can take every bit as much pain as men 15 years younger than themselves? I know one and his name is Brett Favre.

Above every rare talent that Brett Favre possesses there is one that stands out: his toughness.

Bob Knight once said, "Mental Toughness is to physical as four is to one."

Nobody proves that quote true more then Brett Favre.

Since the day he was drafted he never looked tough. Then again who's really afraid of a redneck from Mississippi? However through time he proved to be the toughest player in NFL history. He feared nothing and no one.

There was no such thing as a hit that could keep Favre down. The harder you hit, the harder he played. Favre has never missed a game in his life. Not even the death of his father could keep him down.

Because when the going got tough, he got tougher. At the age of 40, he took a low hit during the NFC Championship game that had him put on a stretcher, but his passion, toughness and ability to do things that nobody else can do kept him going, and he finished the game hobbling on one leg.

There will be another Joe Montana; in fact, you could argue that there already has been one in Tom Brady

There will be another Dan Marino; in fact, you could argue that there already has been one in Peyton Manning.


Nobody will ever have the football savvy of Brett Favre.

Nobody will ever have the ability to go against all common sense, and come up successful like Brett Favre.

Nobody will ever be as tough or connected with the game quite like Brett Favre.

They say practice makes perfect, but no amount of practice will ever make you Brett Favre.

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