2010 NFL Free Agency: Brady Quinn's Future Lies in Jake Delhomme's Choice, Why?

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IMarch 13, 2010

CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 29:  Brady Quinn #10 of  the Cleveland Browns looks on during the NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on November 29, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As reported by NBC Sports, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn's future with the team all lies in a decision of another NFL quarterback.

On March 10, former Panthers starting quarterback Jake Delhomme came to visit the Browns and after two days left without a contract to go and visited the Saints.

Obviously, if Delhomme were to sign with the Browns, he would have a better chance to be a starter than in New Orleans, since Drew Brees is king of the city now.

Browns President Mike Holmgren has said that despite Delhomme leaving without signing a contract, "it is still [an] on ongoing discussion and he's still on the radar."

If Delhomme signs with the Browns, then say "bye-bye" to Quinn shortly after.  There is no way that either Delhomme or newly-acquired Seneca Wallace would be the teams' second and third-string quarterback behind Quinn as the starter, which means Quinn is the odd man out in Holmgren's eyes.

Browns fans here on Bleacher Report and on other sports sources have had many mixed views of signing Delhomme.

Some comments about Delhomme coming to Cleveland from Browns fans via Facebook are:

"As long as it speeds Quinn being traded up I'm all for Jake coming in and backing up Seneca."

"That would leave an awful lot of the season riding on Seneca's play. Not what I hoped for, to be sure."

"We aren't playing for the Super Bowl this season anyway."

"We don't want Delhomme!"

"Jake Delnotmyhommie."


Some fans have spoken and the majority agree that Delhomme is not the answer in Cleveland, especially for the future of the franchise.

Why would Holmgren even consider Delhomme?

Yes, he is a quarterback who has played in a Super Bowl, but is he really a better answer as a starter than Quinn or even Wallace?

Maybe if Delhomme was brought in as a backup to mentor either Quinn or Wallace with one of them being the starter would be okay. But, unless Delhomme has some kind of magic "get better with old age" serum like Brett Favre, then it's better not to sign Delhomme.

Wallace would not benefit as much from mentoring by Delhomme, since he has spent his entire career mentoring under Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle.

As a mentor to Quinn, Delhomme brings experience that would be invaluable. Quinn has never had a veteran quarterback to mentor him since coming into the NFL.

Many Browns fans, including this journalist, completely trust in Holmgren's assessment and ability to evaluate quarterbacks.

When you have a track record of Steve Young, Favre, and Hasselbeck in your quarterback development portfolio, there is no arguing with the man's decisions, period.


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