Oakland Raiders: Open QB Competition? Just Another Lie from Tom Cable

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMarch 13, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable speaks to his new starting quarterback Bruce Gradkowski #5 while newly benched quarterback JaMarcus Russell #2 looks on during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 22, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Lately there are alot of Raider fans who choose to blindly support a no name QB.

In support for that no name sorry excuse for an NFL QB they cling to anything that gives that QB any hope of starting. Including an empty comment by Tom Cable.

"Let the job be competed for," Cable said Sunday at the NFL combine. "That's where we're at in terms of our starting quarterback."

Those same fans have dubbed a no name journeyman QB the Raiders' saviour, Bruce All Mighty, a franchise QB and the Raiders' future. The second coming of Brett Farve, Rich Gannon, even Jesus.

That's pretty impressive considering the guy has only played three full games for the Raiders, was cut by the Bucs, Rams, and Browns, and standing at a generous 6'1'' 220, has nothing but a pea-shooter for an arm. He is merely an under-sized scrambling polish circus-midget.

I myself will not accept that fraud as my saviour.

He just isn't suited to start in the NFL, as made very apparent after Gradkowski suffered two simultaneous knee injuries during his fourth start. He is a capable backup, if even, and barely cut out to hold a clip-board, let alone JaMarcus Russells' jock-strap.

So what if Tom Cable said there will be an open competition? Tom Cable has said a lot of things. That doesn't make it true.

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Cable also said all three of our running backs were capable of having thousand yard seasons, yet only one (Michael Bush with 589) cracked 500 yards.

Cable also said nothing happened between him and Randy Hanson. How often does "nothing" land a man in the hospital with a broken jaw?

Then Cable said the players who give us the best chance to win will start. He then proceeded to start two rookie wide-receivers, including Darius Heyward-Bey for the first 10 weeks of the season.

Then he covered up that lie with another, stating that X, Y, and Z receivers are not interchangeable. He said that Darius Heyward-Bey and Johnnie Lee Higgins can only play split-end and are incapable of playing flanker or in the slot.

Like Raider-Nation is dumb enough to believe that. Well, apparently some of us are.

An open competition in Oakland? That's just another in a long list of lies from Tom Cable.

And who says Tom Cable even gets to decide if the QB competition is open? This isn't his team. It's Al Davis's team.

The Raiders stripped Tom Cable of the right to make that decision, along with offensive responsibilities, play-calling, and any other personnel decisions when they hired Hue Jackson.

I mean, it's obvious which players Tom Cable brought in, and they were all pretty much garbage: Cooper Carlisle, Samson Satele, and Erik Pears. All undersized o-linemen with experience in the ZBS.

Other o-line additions like Langston Walker and Khalif Barnes have Al Davis's height-speed-weight formula written all over them.

Hue Jackson was brought in to help JaMarcus, not Gradkowski. And the decision of benching him will be between Jackson and Al Davis, not Tom Cable.

And the decision that will be made is obvious. JaMarcus Russell will be crowned starter, just like he was crowned starter last year and just like he was crowned Mardi Gras King in his home town.

The only open competition will be between the players competing to make the roster as JaMarcus's backup, a competition Gradkowski likely won't even be a part of once the Raiders cut him before the season opener. Yes, just like they did Jeff Garcia. And for the same reason.

Garcia was cut because he couldn't keep his mouth shut, and far too many people were calling for him to start. So, the Raiders cut him to avoid a quarterback controversy.

Even a player on the Raiders' roster last year was calling for Garcia to start before the season began. His name was Keith Davis. Guess what? The Raiders cut him too.

All they had to do was keep their mouths shut, and they'd likely still be on the Raiders. Now they're both teamless.

The only reason Gradkowski had any success was his ability to scramble paired with the return of Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden, Johnnie Lee Higgins, and Robert Gallery.

So what if Gradkowski can out-scramble Russell? Scrambling is all Gradkowski is good for. Michael Vick, Troy Smith, and even Tavaris Jackson are better than him in that aspect/ Why not cut him and bring in one of these superior athletes?

Come September when JaMarcus is our starter, that starting role will be his to lose. Just this time we will have Hue Jackson calling plays rather than an autistic chump.

And then if JaMarcus proves he isn't ready, he will be benched... Eventually.

Like Bruce Gradkowski would have a chance against JaMarcus in an open competition anyway.

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