Carl Vs. Brad. Incident Strikingly Similar; Where Was the Uproar Then??

Lee FraserCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

I remember 1993. It was Talladega. I, a Rusty Wallace fan, watched my driver flip through the infield at 195 mph. "It looks like a bomb went off...," said Benny Parsons as he was broadcasting the race that day.

I remember my father, "That son of a [gun], that son of [gun]!!!!" My father who wasn't even a Rusty fan was very upset with the incident. Because no one turns on the TV to see that.

Rusty Wallace suffered a broken wrist and several other smaller injuries.

Not once, did the word "suspension" arise. Not one broadcaster threw Dale Earnhardt under the bus, like Chris Myers did to Carl Edwards Sunday.

Rusty did something wrong. Rusty came up to the high side on the the final lap. Dale was unhappy about Rusty leaving him out to dry. So Earnhardt, slows down, and makes sure he finds Rusty shoots to the bottom of the racetrack, and BLATANTLY wrecks Rusty Wallace. Sending the No. 2 Miller Genuine Draft Pontiac into a flip that almost 18 years later, knowing Rusty Wallace is OK, that I still gasp at.

Yet, the same people that said NOTHING when Earnhardt did the EXACT thing 18 years ago, are throwing Carl Edwards under the bus now. Why? Because he flipped a driver in retaliation?

I've seen this before! Not the right time to do it? What about Talladega?? It could've been worse folks. Yet, NASCAR did nothing then. Dale didn't even get placed on probation.

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And the same people that cheered The Intimidator when he did this to Rusty Wallace are snarling at Carl Edwards. How soon we forget.

Have we blocked this flip out? No we haven't we've just forgot about it, because NA$CAR did absolutely nothing that week.

But Dale Earnhardt fans, I ask you, why is it not OK now? 'Cause it was Brad Keselowski? 'Cause no one drives like that anymore?

Retaliation is part of the sport. It shows that our drivers have heart. Yeah, yesterday got out of hand, but they have in the past too.

So let's handle it the way we did then. Dale Earnhardt, like Carl Edwards, realized his mistake when the car got upside down. That scared them more then it scared the driver in the car. No one is here to kill anyone. Just sometimes, unfortunately it's part of the sport.

Let it be. If Brad and Carl want it to, it will all be gone by the time Bristol comes around, hopefully. Dale never wrecked anyone like that on a superspeedway again. At the short tracks, many times, but never again like that.

I think Carl got the point yesterday, too.



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