Carl Edwards Teaches Keselowski To Fly, and What Else We Learned From Atlanta

David YeazellSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2010

While surfing the net early this morning I counted over 1000 related articles written about the race in Atlanta this weekend.  

Only a small percentage of those were written about the actual racing at Atlanta or who won.

Who knew it would be Brad Keselowski or Carl Edwards grabbing the headlines and putting an end to the regurgitated victory speeches of Jimmie Johnson?

It’s very clear that Edward’s actions stemmed from an earlier incident with Keselowski.

Replays of the incident on lap 40 shows only a slight scratch to the front bumper of Kezelowski’s car just below the headlight area. No damage to the side fender or to the right front fender, just to the bumper.

This proves Edwards didn’t come down on Keselowski or cut him off. Edwards had position and Keselowski hit him in the rear causing the No. 99 to get out of shape.

After the second incident Keselowski was quick to call for a suspension or assessment of heavy penalties towards Edwards.

It’s becoming easier and easier to see, when Keselowski is the aggressor, it’s just racing, when he’s the receiver it’s a felony.

Its doubtful Edwards visit to NASCAR’s oval office will result in some extended maternity leave. It will however quite possibly impact the new baby’s college fund.

Monday and Tuesday are sure to be spent next to the fax machines, computers or clutching the blackberries to see what action NASCAR will take concerning this latest incident.

Keselowski is young and has some talent. What ever is happening, either on the track or off, he’s not making many friends and seems to be quickly alienating himself.

Maybe it’s time to make a big boy move, take the high road and address this situation head on. Certainly Ernie Irvin can offer some pointers on this. 

Call it luck, irony or the racing gods having a laugh. The caution flag brought out by the Edwards-Keselowski fender tango put Denny Hamlin in the lucky dog spot.

Tire issues plagued several teams, including all four Hendrick Motorsports Drivers.

In a sign of things are actually turning around for the No. 88 Amp Energy Chevrolet, Dale Jr. had the fortitude to bring the car in twice before a tire malfunction put him into the wall like it did Joey Logano and David Ragan.

NASCAR’s green, white, checkered times three (actually, its green, white, checkered times four. Think about it) has already provided some fantastic finishes.

With 32 races to go, chances of more drama and fantastic finishes, especially at the short tracks of Bristol, Martinsville and Richmond, are excellent.

Fixing everything in between seems to be proving a bit more difficult.

The Sprint Cup series has a couple of weeks to ponder these issues and let everyone catch their breath. Just as the oxygen starts flowing to the brain again, everyone rolls into the bull ring we call Bristol. 

Jimmie Johnson didn’t win, drama unfolded at Atlanta and just as were catching our breath, the pressure cooker of Bristol looms.

Aren’t things just grand right now!

Photo Credit: Simon Scoggins / SpeedwayMedia.com  


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