With Justin Fargas Gone, Will a New Star Emerge In The Raiders Backfield?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMarch 7, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Justin Fargas #25 of the Oakland Raiders flips in the air after being hit by the Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 22, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to the Oakland Raiders, 30 year old veteran running back Justin Fargas was released by the team after failing a physical Saturday. 

A few days ago Adam Schefter reported Fargas, along with Gerrard Warren, would be released before their roster bonuses were due and it would seem he is at least half right so far.

Though it is unlikely, Fargas signing with another team or even with the Raiders again is not completely out of the question.

So with it almost certain Justin Fargas won't be wearing silver and black next year, what does that mean for the rest of the team?

Many would suggest it means the Raiders offense is going to become the Michael Bush show.

Though Michael Bush didn't have the most carries last year he had the most yards, the best YPC, and most TDs on the ground.

Sure, on occasion, Bush takes himself out of games for a breather.

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But who wouldn't after five consecutive carries or after running through nearly an entire defense for 60 yards?

He's only human, its not like he's super-man . Don't forget at 6'1'', 245 lbs. he isn't exactly a marathon runner.

Given Bush's supposed questionable stamina, it's rather apparent that he will need someone to share the load with. I mean, even Batman needed Robin.

So who will be Michael Bush's boy-wonder?

Most would think that job defaults to Darren McFadden.

He is thought to have home-run threat ability and is a threat to score any time he touches the ball.

But in his two years as a Raider we have yet to see any of that ability, except for in Kansas City.

As a Raider, McFadden has proven only to be easily taken down by defenders. And rather than being a threat to take it to the house, every time he touches the ball he is  a threat to turn it over.

In 2009, with 104 carries, McFadden only averaged a sparse 3.4 yards per carry, saw the endzone one time and fumbled five times.

Plus, McFadden has only proven to be too injury prone to carry a significant load.

So unless McFadden improves drastically this off-season, he may not be the best choice.

Louis Rankin?

Oh yeah, he's in Seattle now.

Gary Russell?

The Raiders didn't resign him so he's a UFA now. The chances of the team retaining him are minimal. He wasn't that good of a runner and the team may no longer be interested in his services, anyway.

What about the draft? Names like C.J. Spiller, Jahvid Best and LeGarett Blount have all been suggested, regarding the Raiders.

But the Raiders aren't about to use a 1st rounder on another running back, and Blount may be too much of a headcase to risk such a high pick.

What about Marcel Reece? Without a doubt this guy has talent.

The guy played HB/WR in college for Washington. He has spent the last few years on the Raiders practice sqaud quietly developing into a full-back.

Just think maybe the Raiders could use him like Mike Shanahan used Peyton Hillis in Denver as a HB/FB hybrid. He has a similar skill set.

Combine his: 4.4 speed, 6'2'' 240 pound frame, the play-making ability he showed in college and the skills he has developed learning the FB position. And this guy not only is a dangerous threat catching the ball out of the back-field, but a load for defenders to bring down in the run game.

People are already comparing Michael Bush to Tyrone Wheatley. Could Marcel Reece be the next Zack Crockett?

With his talent and ability is Marcel Reece better suited than Darren McFadden to play Michael Bush's side-kick? 

I think so.