Philly Fans: Never Doubt the Moves of the Eagles' Brass.

James Wright IIIContributor IMarch 6, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 11:  Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles works on the sideline against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field on October 11, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

I know, I know. All I read yesterday was how outraged the fans of Philadelphia were at Andy Reid for continuing to take the Eagles in the wrong direction.

In the words of ESPN's: Sunday NFL Countdown, "C'mon man!"

Have we not all learned that while the Eagles haven't won the Super Bowl yet, a big piece of the puzzle is winning enough games to have a chance and do it year in and year out to continue to have that chance?

Since Jeffery Lurie took over the team, and then signed Andy Reid to coach it, that is exactly what this organization has done.

Nine of Reid's eleven seasons have ended with the Eagles in the playoffs. Five NFC Championship games. One trip to the Super Bowl. 

Yet the fans of Philadelphia continue to doubt how Reid works because he has not produced a parade on Broad Street.

Seasons are not won and lost in one day of free agency, people. It is a strategic process that can be compared to a game of chess.

How long did it take coach Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh to win his first Super Bowl? He coached 15 seasons and made it to the Super Bowl twice. Once in his fourth season as head coach, and then 10 years later when he finally won it all. 

How about Jeff Fisher in Tennessee? He has still not won a Super Bowl, but continues to find ways to win and give his team a chance.

Here is my point, oh faithful of Philadelphia. We need to understand that we are not the head coach. We may want the likes of Peppers or Dansby on our team, but it may not be the best thing.

Believe it or not, the signing of Julius Peppers by the Chicago Bears was a small victory for Philadelphia. He did not sign within the NFC East. He did not sign anywhere that will impact the Eagles. 

Philadelphia will travel to Chicago this year and they will have to face Peppers, but it is the only time they will have to face him.

I don't believe for a second that the Bears are in the playoffs by one signing. They are not that good of a team on offense, and they did not get that much better yesterday. 

They play in a division with the Packers and Vikings, which slims down their playoff chances even more.

Could you imagine if Washington, Dallas, or the G-men would have gotten their hands on him? Then you could complain.

Actually, I think that would have made Reid push more money onto the table. In this case, however, it was not called for. 

The Eagles knew the Bears needed to sign Peppers to save jobs in their front office, and they were not going to get into a bidding war over that kind of signing.

The Eagles and Reid also know they need more impact at the left end position to compliment Trent Cole, and they will do everything in their power to find it. 

It will not be in the form of Aaron Kampman and his shredded knee either, so just let that go.

Safety, cornerback, linebacker, and running back will also be looked over and evaluated through free agency and the draft.

There are so many stories about how Reid's stubbornness is killing the Eagles.

You have got to be kidding me!

His "stubbornness" is keeping the Eagles in good cap position through these shaky financial times of the NFL, and keeping the team in a winning position also.

He will not spend impulsively, nor will he trade any player without a good reason.

Yeah, I heard all the rumors about McNabb too.

McNabb is the least intercepted quarterback playing in the NFL right now, and he provides the knowledge needed to run the West Coast offense.

I certainly do not want him to leave.

If McNabb stays that is great. If he get's traded for anything that is great. The Eagles are in a win-win here.

But, if an offer came to the Eagles that would help them get a player or pick they wanted in exchange for McNabb, then Reid would pull the trigger on the deal like a purse snatcher in a city ally.

Patience brothers and sisters. Patience. The Eagles front office will find ways to get the talent they need to win and win it all.

It just may not be what you would do.


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