More On Arizona Cardinals Offseason: Possible Trades/Acquisitions

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IMarch 4, 2010

DETROIT , MI - NOVEMBER 26:  Larry Foote #55 of the Detroit Lions reacts after a second quarter penalty while playing the Green Bay Packers on November 26, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Green Bay won the game 34-12.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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Consider this an appendix to the article I wrote yesterday.

It has come to my attention that the Cardinals have interest in a couple of players that didn't cross my radar.

*Update: 4:45 PM, Thursday

1. Larry Foote- LB

This is kind of late breaking news, and most of you have probably heard about this. In case you haven't, and Adam Schefter are reporting that the Cardinals will look to sign Foote if Dansby should leave (which as of right now, it's a strong possibility).

Per my earlier article, I should mention that Foote was a Steeler before signing with the Lions last year. Thus, he knows Coach Wisenhunt and his system well, and should thrive in the 3-4 hybrid scheme of the Cardinals. He should also provide veteran leadership in what should be an easier role for him than the one he had in Detroit. 

The only catch is that an Arizona Cardinal free agent must sign with another team before the Cards can sign one of their own, as the new rules state. This shouldn't be a problem, though, as mentioned earlier with Dansby on his way out. 

2. David Carr- QB

Yes that David Carr.

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But remember, at one time, Carr was a decent starting QB for the Houston Texans who only needed a couple of weapons to be considered a top-tier QB. And he certainly would have those weapons in 'Zona.

I would love some feedback from Cards fans on this. My only question is whether he would be a better answer than Chad Pennington. I think he certainly has more upside, sure. But could Leinart learn from him? Probably not. 

3. Greg Olsen- TE

Supposedly the Cardinals and the Patriots are interested in Olsen. Don't ask me how I found out...Okay so I found out through Twitter.

So shoot me.

I haven't seen this rumor elsewhere, so I may be off base. But Olsen makes perfect sense for the TE-needy Cards.

Olsen reportedly isn't happy with the hiring of Mike Martz and wants out. Why? I'm not sure either. I'd love to get your take on this as well. Should they go after Olsen? Especially since they just offered an extension to Ben Patrick?

Another factor here you should consider is Anquan Boldin, who the Bears reportedly want. Could Olsen be thrown in to "sweeten the deal," as it were? Speaking of Boldin...

4. The Trading of Q

The Cardinals have now come out and said that they'll sell Boldin for a 3rd rounder–which is reasonable for a fragile WR who probably only has a few good years left. This also likely means the Dolphins and other teams will jump all over him.

But as I mentioned above, maybe the Cards could get an even better deal with a player thrown in along with a draft pick. Maybe Olsen and a 4th or 5th rounder for Boldin? Your thoughts? 

Thanks for reading...